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Words that nearly rhyme with "much":

1 syllable:

bache, batch, blotch, bludge, blunt, blush, boche, botch, brach, bratsch, brunt, brush, bucked, budge, bunt, busche, bust, catch, crotch, crush, crust, cult, cupped, cush, cusped, dassn't, dost, drach, drudge, duct, dunt, dusch, dush, dust, etch, fetch, flach, fletch, flush, front, frush, fudge, gach, gatch, gotch, gotsch, grudge, grunt, grush, gush, gust, guts, hach, hatch, hotch, hunt, hush, judge, just, ketch, klutz, knoche, kotch, krach, kusch, laatsch, lach, lache, latch, latsch, letch, lunt, lusch, lush, lust, mache, match, mudge, mulct, musch, mush, must, mutch, mutsch, nautch, notch, nudge, nusz, nuts, oughtn't, patch, plush, poche, prunt, punt, pusch, quach, quetsch, rach, racz, retch, rudge, ruffed, runt, rusch, rusche, rush, rust, sant, scotch, scratch, sculpt, shunt, shush, sketch, sludge, slush, smudge, snatch, splotch, stach, stretch, strunt, stunt, swatch, tatsch, thach, thatch, thrush, thrust, tkach, tkacz, tracz, triunitarian, troche, trudge, trussed, trust, tuft, vlach, watch

2 syllables:

abduct, ablush, abrupt, adduct, adjudge, adjust, adult, adust, affront, attach, august, begrudge, combust, concert, conduct, confront, construct, consult, convert, corrupt, debauch, deduct, degust, derust, destruct, detach, disgust, dispatch, disrupt, distrust, encrust, entrust, eruct, erupt, excerpt, exult, forejudge, forjudge, frequent, hasn't, haven't, homestretch, incrust, incult, induct, indult, insert, instruct, insult, intrust, invert, irrupt, misjudge, mismatch, mistrust, nonsuch, obstruct, occult, outstretch, prejudge, reduct, reluct, rematch, robust, subduct, topnotch, unjust, unplucked, unstuffed, untrussed, upfront

3 syllables:

antirust, antitrust, deconstruct, forasmuch, incorrupt, insomuch, interrupt, misconduct, overmuch, overstretch, preadult, preinstruct, readjust, reconstruct

4 syllables:


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