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Words that nearly rhyme with "remember":

2 syllables:

amber, babbler, bamber, behler, behmer, behner, bellar, beller, benner, bibber, blabber, blubber, brehmer, bremmer, bremner, brenner, brimmer, bubbler, bulbar, bummer, bumper, camber, cambre, camper, camphor, cellar, center, chamber, chamfer, chimar, chimer, clabber, clamber, clamor, clamour, clamper, clemmer, clubber, comer, crabber, crammer, cribber, crimmer, cumber, cummer, dabber, dabster, daimler, dammer, damper, dehler, dehmer, dehner, deller, demler, demmer, dempster, denner, dibber, dimmer, drabbler, drummer, dumper, dweller, ehler, eller, emler, emmer, emptor, esber, faerber, felber, feller, fenner, fibster, flemmer, flenner, gamber, gammer, gelber, geller, gemmer, gibber, glamor, glamour, glimmer, grammar, gwenore, hammer, hamper, hamster, helber, heller, hemker, hemler, hemmer, henner, humber, hymner, imber, jabber, jenner, jibber, jumper, kaehler, kamber, kehler, kelber, kellar, keller, kemler, kemmer, kemner, kemper, kenner, kimber, kimmer, klemmer, kneller, kraemer, krimmer, lamster, lehmer, lehner, lemarr, lemere, lemler, lemmer, lennar, limber, limmer, limner, lubber, lumbar, lumber, lumper, mammer, mehler, mehner, melear, meller, mellor, member, memmer, memoir, menor, mummer, neller, nibbler, number, palmar, pamper, pampre, peller, penner, plumber, plumper, rambler, rammer, rehmer, reller, renner, rubber, rummer, sambar, scamper, schamber, scheller, schlemmer, schneller, schwemmer, scrambler, scribbler, scrubber, seller, semler, semmler, senner, shammer, sheller, shelor, shimmer, shrimper, simmer, simper, skimmer, sklenar, slabber, slammer, slemmer, slimmer, slubber, slumber, sneller, somber, someone, speller, spenner, stammer, stamper, stellar, steller, stemler, stemmer, stemmler, stemper, stenner, stumper, summer, sumpter, tamper, teller, temblor, temper, tener, tenner, tenor, thumber, timber, timbre, trembler, tremor, tremper, trimmer, tumbler, umber, venner, wehler, wehner, weller, wemmer, wenner, whimper, yabber, yammer, zehner, zeller, zenner, zenor

3 syllables:

aglimmer, assembler, attemper, bestseller, cohenour, columnar, condemner, coughenour, decemvir, dismember, distemper, duumvir, enamor, enamour, encumber, exemplar, gfeller, incumber, lamellar, langella, larzelere, mackellar, macomber, macumber, mccomber, mccumber, mckellar, mckeller, mcomber, midsummer, nonmember, outnumber, propeller, renumber, reseller, septemvir, triumvir, unlimber, unscrambler

4 syllables:

disencumber, disremember, dorsolumbar, interstellar, katzenjammer, misremember, retrobulbar, subcolumnar

5 syllables:

circumcolumnar, intercolumnar, supercolumnar

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