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Words that nearly rhyme with "savel":

1 syllable:

ben, benne, bill, brill, chill, clem, den, dill, drill, femme, fil, fill, frill, gal, gem, gill, glen, grill, grille, hem, hen, hill, ill, jen, jill, ken, kill, krill, men, mil, mill, nil, nill, pal, pen, pill, quill, rill, sen, shall, shill, shrill, sill, skill, spill, stem, still, ten, them, then, thill, thrill, til, till, twill, wen, when, will, wren, yen

2 syllables:

abdel, again, alltel, amen, ansell, arvel, ashwell, avdel, bagwell, bakewell, bardwell, barnwell, becknell, bedwell, bethel, bidwell, birdwell, blackwell, bodwell, bombshell, bonwell, bortel, bothwell, boutwell, boxwell, bracewell, bradwell, bramwell, brazil, bridwell, brightwell, brindel, broadwell, brockwell, bromwell, buswell, cadwell, canal, cantel, cantwell, capwell, cardwell, carswell, carwell, cashwell, caswell, cayenne, centel, chadwell, chartwell, chriswell, churchwell, clamshell, claywell, cockwell, cogswell, coldwell, colwell, condemn, contel, conwell, cornwell, corral, coxwell, cresswell, creswell, crotwell, culwell, develle, distill, dovel, downhill, dumbbell, eggshell, extel, falwell, farwell, fichtel, folwell, foxwell, fretwell, fulfill, gidel, gintel, gladwell, glidewell, goodsell, goodwill, gravelle, greenwell, groundswell, hartwell, harwell, hipwell, hopewell, instill, itel, kidwell, lacewell, lasswell, laswell, lavelle, leavelle, lengyel, locale, longwell, lortel, lovewell, manwell, markwell, martel, martell, marvell, marvelle, maxwell, mitel, moertel, morale, nevel, nouvelle, novell, nutshell, oilwell, orwell, oswell, otwell, pactel, penwell, popwell, refill, resdel, revelle, rockwell, rodwell, rothwell, royale, sartwell, sawtell, seashell, seawell, seitel, shemwell, shopwell, shotwell, sidwell, sockwell, southwell, stairwell, stardel, stillwell, stilwell, stockwell, tarbell, tavel, teitell, treadwell, truesdell, tugwell, until, uphill, varvel, wardwell, whitwell, zehntel

3 syllables:

aiguebelle, alcatel, alpharel, amabel, annabel, assubel, caravel, caravelle, carousel, carrousel, chaparral, citadel, claribel, cockerell, decibel, duracell, elcotel, esquivel, honeywell, infidel, isabel, isabelle, italtel, kettlewell, lilybell, livingwell, madeleine, microtel, minitel, parallel, pennywell, peverell, picturetel, rationale, rosabel, suchomel, undersell, unitel, willabelle, zinfandel

4 syllables:


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