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Words that nearly rhyme with "scalade":

1 syllable:

ate, babe, bait, bate, bead, bide, blade, blamed, bleed, brede, breed, bride, cate, cede, chide, clade, crate, crazed, creed, cried, date, deed, dried, eight, eyed, failed, famed, fate, feed, feigned, fete, flied, freight, fried, gait, gate, glade, glazed, glide, grained, grate, great, greed, guide, hate, he'd, heed, hide, ide, keyed, lade, laid, late, lied, mailed, maned, mead, need, pained, paled, pied, plague, plate, plead, pride, raised, rate, read, reed, ride, scaled, screed, seed, she'd, shied, side, skate, slate, slide, snead, snide, spate, speed, state, steed, straight, strained, strait, stride, tide, tied, trait, tried, tweed, vague, veiled, void, wait, waved, we'd, weed, weight, wide

2 syllables:

abate, abide, accede, agreed, allied, amazed, applied, ashamed, aside, astride, avoid, await, barmaid, berate, beside, betide, bondmaid, bridesmaid, charades, collate, collide, concede, confide, constrained, contained, create, deadweight, debate, decide, deflate, deride, detailed, devoid, dictate, dilate, displayed, divide, downgrade, equate, estate, exceed, eyeshade, handmaid, housemaid, impede, implied, indeed, inflate, ingrained, inlaid, innate, inside, joyride, mermaid, milkmaid, mislead, misread, negate, nightshade, ornate, outlaid, postdate, precede, predate, preside, proceed, provide, recede, reflate, relate, reside, restate, secede, sedate, stampede, statewide, subgrade, subside, succeed, switchblade, translate, twayblade, unclaimed, unfazed, unlade, unlaid, unnamed, untied, untrained, untried, update, upgrade, upstate, vacate

3 syllables:

accolade, alidade, alongside, antitrade, aquacade, autocade, balustrade, barricade, cablelaid, centigrade, chambermaid, coincide, dairymaid, defilade, enfilade, escalade, escapade, everglade, fusillade, gingerade, intercede, intergrade, interstade, interstate, intrastate, kitchenmaid, misapplied, motorcade, multigrade, overfeed, overjoyed, override, parlormaid, phylloclade, pilastered, pinnigrade, recreate, reinstate, renegade, retrograde, saltigrade, subdivide, supersede, taligrade, tardigrade, unalloyed, unashamed, unconstrained, undeclared, underlaid, understate, underweight, unemployed, unexplained, unprepared, unrestrained

4 syllables:

digitigrade, interrelate, nurserymaid, underemployed

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