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Words that nearly rhyme with "smead":

1 syllable:

aid, aide, bade, beat, beet, bide, blade, braid, bride, cade, cheat, chide, cleat, cried, dried, eat, eide, eyed, fade, feat, feet, fleet, flied, fried, glade, glide, grade, grebe, greet, guide, hade, heat, hebe, hide, ide, jade, lade, laid, league, leet, lied, made, maid, mead, meade, meat, meet, mete, neat, paid, peat, pied, pride, raid, ride, seat, shade, sheet, shied, side, skeet, sleet, slide, snide, spade, stade, staid, street, stride, suede, suite, sweet, teat, they'd, tide, tied, trade, treat, tried, tweet, vide, wade, wheat, wide

2 syllables:

abide, afraid, airspeed, allied, applied, arcade, ashmead, aside, astride, beside, betide, blockade, brigade, brocade, cascade, charade, cliched, collide, compete, complete, conceit, concrete, confide, crusade, decade, deceit, decide, defeat, degrade, delete, deplete, deride, discreet, discrete, displayed, dissuade, divide, downbeat, downgrade, duckweed, effete, elite, evade, excrete, fatigue, flaxseed, forbade, goodspeed, grenade, hamid, handmade, highspeed, homemade, implied, inside, intrigue, invade, krumwiede, linseed, lockheed, mistreat, nosebleed, offbeat, oilseed, outside, parade, persuade, pervade, petite, pokeweed, preside, provide, ragweed, rapeseed, receipt, repeat, replete, reside, retreat, rosemead, seaweed, secrete, siegfried, subside, tirade, unmade, unpaid, unseat, untied, untried, upgrade, upside, worldwide

3 syllables:

alongside, aniseed, appleseed, aristide, bonafede, centipede, certainteed, coincide, colonnade, cottonseed, fireweed, ganymede, incomplete, indiscreet, lemonade, marguerite, masquerade, misapplied, nationwide, overstayed, promenade, serenade, subdivide, underpaid

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