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Words that nearly rhyme with "told":

1 syllable:

auld, bailed, bald, balled, bawled, bild, billed, board, bode, boiled, boldt, bole, boll, bolt, bolte, boned, boud, bowed, bowl, braund, broiled, build, called, cauld, celled, child, childe, chilled, cloned, closed, clothed, coal, code, coiled, coined, cole, colt, combed, cooled, cowled, crawled, culled, curled, dawned, dhole, doge, doiled, dol, dole, dolled, dolt, domed, dozed, drawled, drilled, droll, droned, dulled, dwelled, failed, fauld, feild, feld, felde, felled, field, filed, filled, fiord, fjeld, fjord, foal, foiled, fooled, ford, fouled, fuld, goad, goal, goold, gould, gourd, grilled, groaned, groined, growled, guild, hailed, hald, hauled, heald, healed, heeled, held, hild, hilde, hoard, hohlt, hole, holp, holt, holte, homed, honed, horde, hosed, hovde, howled, hulled, hurled, jailed, joined, jole, jolt, killed, knoll, kohl, kolb, kolbe, load, loaned, loathed, lobed, lode, loynd, lulled, mailed, mauled, maund, meld, mild, milled, moaned, mode, mol, mole, molt, moult, mulled, nailed, neeld, neild, nield, node, nolt, nolte, nosed, oared, ode, oiled, oldt, owned, paled, pawned, peeled, phoned, piled, pole, poll, pooled, posed, poult, probed, prole, pulled, quelled, railed, reeled, riled, road, roamed, robed, rode, roiled, role, roll, rolt, ruled, sailed, scald, scaled, scalled, schield, schild, schmoldt, schooled, scowled, scrawled, scroll, sealed, shelled, shield, shoad, shoal, shole, skald, skilled, smelled, smiled, smolt, soiled, sol, sole, solt, soul, spawned, spelled, spilde, spilled, spoiled, sprawled, stalled, stilled, stoldt, stole, stolt, stolte, stoned, strode, stroll, styled, swelled, swirled, swoln, sword, tailed, thole, thrilled, tiled, toad, toiled, tole, toll, toned, tooled, toward, trailed, troll, twirled, veiled, vole, volt, wailed, wald, walde, walled, weld, wheeled, whirled, whole, wield, wild, wilde, willed, woad, woldt, world, wylde, yawned, yelled, yield, zoned

2 syllables:

aboard, abode, abvolt, afford, afield, aholt, appalled, appealed, archbold, armold, arnhold, assailed, availed, bankrolled, barthold, bechtold, beguiled, bemoaned, bergthold, berthold, beyond, billfold, blindfold, brandvold, bricole, brunsvold, cajole, cofield, commode, compelled, compiled, composed, concealed, condole, condoned, congealed, control, corralled, corrode, curtailed, dallhold, darnold, decode, deposed, derailed, detailed, dethroned, dicomed, diebold, dippold, disclosed, disowned, dispelled, displode, disposed, distilled, edwald, eightfold, embowed, embroiled, enclosed, encode, enjoined, enrol, enroll, enscroll, ensoul, entailed, enthralled, erode, excelled, exhaled, expelled, explode, exposed, extol, extoll, extolled, fanfold, fernald, finegold, fivefold, foothold, forbode, forebode, foreclosed, forepole, forestalled, foretold, fourfold, freehold, fulfilled, gamboge, gatefold, gingold, godbold, griswold, handhold, hannold, harbold, harpold, herrold, highyield, honnold, household, impaled, impelled, implode, imposed, informed, inhaled, inscroll, insoul, installed, instilled, intoned, leasehold, leibold, lippold, mangold, meinhold, misspelled, mongold, newbold, neworld, ninefold, opposed, outmode, parol, parole, pasteboard, patrol, penfold, picoult, pinfold, pistole, postponed, prevailed, propelled, proposed, purloined, rappold, rawboned, raybould, rebelled, rebuild, recalled, recoiled, refiled, regaled, reichhold, reinbold, rejoined, rembold, repealed, repelled, resole, restyled, retooled, revealed, reviled, revolt, rheingold, ringgold, rissole, rissoles, rockhold, rumbold, saboted, saffold, seabold, seebold, seibold, seybold, sheepfold, sherrgold, siebold, sixfold, socalled, southold, squaretoed, stronghold, supposed, swergold, threefold, threshhold, threshold, towards, transcode, transposed, transworld, truckload, twelvefold, unbolt, unboned, uncalled, uncoiled, uncombed, uncord, unfilled, unformed, unfurled, unload, unmourned, unposed, unroll, unruled, unschooled, unsealed, unskilled, unsoiled, unspoiled, untold, unveiled, unwarmed, unwarned, upheld, wambold, weigold, weinhold, wiebold, withheld

3 syllables:

buttonholed, buttonmold, carmagnole, centerfold, centrefold, copyhold, decomposed, decontrol, discommode, download, ebersold, escarole, espagnole, hundredfold, hypergol, incommode, indisposed, innersole, juxtaposed, leopold, linenfold, manifold, marigold, millifold, monigold, multifold, overfold, overruled, overstowed, pigeonholed, predisposed, rabenold, reimposed, satterfield, sevenfold, stranglehold, supercooled, thousandfold, twentyfold, unatoned, unconcealed, undisclosed, undisposed, unenclosed, unexplored, unexposed, unforetold, unfulfilled, uninformed, unopposed, unperformed, unreformed, unrestored, untoward, westerhold

4 syllables:

americold, elevenfold, overexposed, servocontrol, superimposed, underwithheld

6 syllables:


7 syllables:


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