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Words that nearly rhyme with "unaddressed":

1 syllable:

bast, beast, belt, bent, blast, boast, boost, brent, burst, bust, cast, caste, celt, cent, chaste, checked, cist, coast, cost, crept, crossed, crust, cursed, cyst, dashed, dealt, deft, dent, dished, dost, dreamt, durst, dust, dwelt, east, fast, feast, feist, felt, first, fist, foist, frost, geist, gent, ghost, gist, grist, gust, hast, haste, hecht, heft, heist, hoist, host, hurst, iced, joist, just, kept, kist, knelt, laced, lashed, last, leaped, leapt, least, left, lent, list, lost, lust, mast, meant, melt, mist, moist, most, must, oust, paced, passed, past, paste, pelt, pent, post, priest, rent, roast, roost, rust, scent, sect, sent, sept, slashed, slept, smashed, spent, stretched, svelte, swept, taste, tent, theft, thirst, thrust, toast, trust, tryst, twist, vast, vent, versed, voiced, waist, waste, welt, went, wept, wist, worst, wrist, wurst, yeast

2 syllables:

accent, accept, accessed, accost, adept, adjust, affect, aghast, armrest, ascent, assent, assist, augment, backrest, bereft, cement, collect, connect, consent, consist, correct, deceased, deflect, defrost, delist, dement, descent, desist, detect, direct, disgust, dissect, dissent, distaste, distrust, eject, elect, emersed, enlist, entrust, erased, erect, event, except, exhaust, exist, expect, extent, farfetched, ferment, fieldcrest, finevest, foretaste, goldcrest, harassed, hardpressed, headfirst, healthvest, immersed, incest, inept, infect, inject, inquest, insist, inspect, intent, invent, lambaste, lament, marquest, miscast, mistrust, neglect, northeast, percent, perfect, persist, precast, prevent, protect, recast, reduced, reflect, reject, relent, repent, resent, resist, respect, riposte, robust, sealtest, select, skywest, slugfest, southeast, submersed, subsist, suspect, unchecked, unjust, unplaced, unspent

3 syllables:

alkahest, antitrust, bucharest, budapest, circumvent, coexist, dataquest, disconnect, discontent, disrespect, fininvest, incorrect, indirect, intercept, interject, intersect, manifest, megaquest, readjust, redirect, represent, resurrect, silvercrest, underwent, unsurpassed

4 syllables:

interconnect, misrepresent

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