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Words that nearly rhyme with "while":

1 syllable:

ail, ale, bail, baile, bale, balle, bayle, beal, beale, beall, beel, beil, beim, beyl, biehl, biel, bine, bleil, boil, boyle, brail, braille, briel, brine, broil, bryne, cail, cale, calle, ceil, cele, chiel, child, childe, chimb, chime, chyme, ciel, climb, clime, cline, clyne, coil, coile, coull, cowl, coyle, crail, creal, creel, crime, crine, crowl, croyle, cyme, dail, daile, dale, dayle, deahl, deal, deel, deil, dhein, diehl, diel, dime, dine, doyle, drail, dralle, dwine, dyne, eel, ein, eyne, fail, faile, feal, feel, feil, fein, feyen, fiel, fine, flail, foell, foil, foul, fowl, foyle, frail, freel, friel, gael, gail, gaile, gale, galle, gaol, gayle, giel, gilles, glime, grail, grime, grine, growl, guynn, gwine, hail, haile, hale, he'll, heal, heel, heim, hein, heine, hele, heyen, heyl, hime, hine, houle, howl, hoyle, huile, huynh, i'm, jail, jain, jowl, kail, kain, kale, keal, keel, keele, keil, kheel, kiehl, kiel, kime, klein, kleine, kline, kneale, kneel, kyne, lail, leal, lime, line, lyme, lyne, lysne, mail, maile, maill, maille, male, mayle, meal, meehl, mele, miele, mild, mime, mine, moil, moul, moyle, nail, naill, nale, neal, neale, neall, neel, neil, neill, nine, noil, oil, owl, pail, paille, pale, peal, peale, peel, peele, peil, piehl, piel, piled, piles, pine, poil, pralle, prime, prine, prowl, pruyn, pyne, quail, quale, quayle, quine, rael, rail, raile, raul, rayl, rayle, real, reale, reel, reil, rhein, rhine, rhyme, rhyne, riehl, riel, rille, rime, rine, roil, royle, sail, sale, salle, sayle, scale, scheel, scheele, schein, schiel, schiele, schlein, schmale, scowl, seal, seale, seel, seim, sein, shale, she'll, shein, shiel, shine, shrine, shyne, sign, sime, sine, skeel, slime, smail, smale, smeal, snail, soil, soule, spale, speil, spiel, spine, spline, spoil, sproul, sprowl, squail, squeal, staehle, stale, steal, steel, steele, steil, stein, stiehl, stime, stine, strine, swale, sweal, swine, syme, syne, tael, tail, taille, tale, teal, teale, teall, teel, teele, teil, theall, theel, thein, they'll, thiel, thiele, thine, thyme, tiled, time, tine, toil, towel, towle, trail, trine, twine, vail, vaile, vale, valle, veal, veale, veil, viel, viele, vine, voile, wail, wale, we'll, weal, weil, weill, weyl, whale, wheal, wheel, whiles, whilst, whine, wild, wile, wine, wyle, wyne, yale, zale, zeal, zele, ziehl, ziel, zyme

2 syllables:

abele, adriel, affine, afoul, aiguille, align, aline, allele, amell, ancell, anele, anneal, appeal, aprowl, argyle, assail, assign, assoil, atweel, avail, awhile, azbill, bandfile, barrell, bartell, bastile, bastille, befoul, begrime, benign, berhyme, berime, bewail, bornstein, borrell, brasil, brazeal, braziel, britoil, cadell, camail, camille, canaille, capell, cardell, carlisle, carlyle, carrell, cartmell, carvell, carwile, cecile, chenille, chmiel, clothestime, combine, conceal, condign, confine, congeal, consign, corbeil, corneal, cornmeal, correll, coutil, curtail, decline, define, derail, descale, design, despoil, detail, devine, dewine, divine, dorrell, email, embroil, emil, emile, emlynne, empale, engrail, enrile, enshrine, entail, entoil, entwine, erewhile, erstwhile, estill, estoile, exhale, exile, famille, ferrill, forefeel, freestyle, freewheel, garrell, gatoil, genteel, gentile, gorrell, gourdine, guilfoil, hairstyle, havill, ideal, ifil, ifill, impale, incline, indign, ingine, inhale, inshrine, intwine, jackpile, jamail, jarrell, jarriel, jerrell, kurzweil, kvale, langsyne, lavell, levell, lifestyle, lucile, lucille, maciel, macneal, macneil, macneill, macphail, madill, malign, marcell, mcdeal, mcgrail, mcgreal, mchale, mckeel, mcneal, mcneel, mcneil, mcneill, mcniel, mcphail, mczeal, meanwhile, menil, miaul, micheal, mikhail, misdeal, mistime, modell, mohel, morrill, mortell, nadein, nadell, nevil, o'boyle, o'neal, o'neil, o'neill, oldstyle, oneal, oneil, oneill, opine, ordeal, orrell, outsail, outshine, pantile, parcell, pele, percale, perrell, pierceall, podell, portell, prevail, profile, puerile, quesnell, radell, rafale, recline, recoil, refine, regale, reheel, reline, repeal, repine, resail, reseal, resign, resoil, reveal, revell, sangrail, savell, savill, senile, senkbeil, somewhile, statoil, stockpile, sublime, sumrell, supine, surreal, szczygiel, tenaille, terrile, textile, tirrell, today'll, topline, tramell, travail, trephine, turnstile, uncoil, unnail, unreal, unreel, unseal, unsteel, untwine, unveil, vandine, vandriel, vanduyn, vanduyne, vanheel, vantil, vasil, verrell, verrill, wastepile, withnail, woodpile, worthwhile

3 syllables:

anglophile, apopyle, atmophile, avenell, averell, averill, barentine, becerril, blastostyle, bodenstein, calciphile, camomile, cannetille, chalcophile, chamomile, chromophile, cochineal, cockateel, cockatiel, costabile, countermine, countervail, crocodile, cyclostyle, cyrtostyle, decastyle, deshabille, deverell, diastyle, difficile, discophile, disembroil, disentail, disentwine, dishabille, disincline, diskophile, domicile, dyostyle, epistyle, francophile, halophile, hambroline, hemophile, heptastyle, hexastyle, hippophile, hypostyle, immobile, infantile, intertwine, juvenile, kaltemail, lithophile, macalpine, manchineel, mendivil, mercantile, mesophile, micropyle, misalign, necrophile, neostyle, neutrophile, octastyle, orthostyle, otherwhile, overfine, overshine, overtime, paedophile, paravail, pentastyle, percentile, peristyle, polystyle, pospisil, preincline, prosopyle, pycnostyle, realign, reassign, recombine, reconcile, reconsign, redefine, redesign, resupine, saprophile, sarcophile, spasmophile, spermophile, superfine, tetrastyle, thermophile, thermopile, undefiled, underline, undermine, vibratile, villamil, villarreal, zavadil

4 syllables:

acidophile, aeolipile, ailurophile, amphiprostyle, araeostyle, areostyle, audiophile, automobile, bibliophile, chromatophile, dodecastyle, electrophile, enneastyle, gerontophile, heterophile, overrefine, semidivine

5 syllables:

duodecastyle, eosinophile, eurithermophile, microaerophile

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