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Words that nearly rhyme with "wish":

1 syllable:

beche, besch, bis, biss, bitch, bliss, blitch, bridge, britsch, brys, buice, chris, chriss, creche, creesh, criss, cuish, cuisse, desch, diss, ditch, dresch, esch, esche, fiche, fidge, fiss, fitch, flesch, flesh, flis, fliss, flitch, fresh, fridge, fritch, fritsch, fritsche, glitch, gresh, hesch, hiss, hitch, ich, itch, kis, kiss, kitch, kitsch, klesch, klich, kniss, kris, kriss, krych, leash, lesch, lesh, lich, lis, liss, lych, mesch, mesh, mich, miche, midge, mis, miss, mitch, mitsch, niche, nitsch, nitsche, nycz, pesch, pesh, pich, piche, piss, pitch, pitsch, pris, quiche, quitch, resch, resh, rich, riche, ridge, riss, risse, ritch, rys, sis, smitch, sneesh, snitch, squish, stich, stitch, stys, suess, suisse, swish, swiss, switch, tesch, tesh, this, thresh, tresch, triche, tritch, tritsch, twiss, twitch, vis, wesch, wesche, which, wich, wis, wisch, wiss, witch, wyss, zich

2 syllables:

abridge, abyss, afresh, akridge, amiss, asbridge, attridge, babiche, batfish, beardfish, bewitch, billfish, blackfish, blindfish, blowfish, bluefish, boarfish, bobeche, bonefish, boxfish, breteche, burrfish, catfish, cavefish, clingfish, coalfish, codfish, combfish, conchfish, cowfish, crampfish, crawfish, crayfish, crestfish, dealfish, dehisce, dismiss, dogfish, driftfish, drumfish, enmesh, enrich, estridge, ethridge, fallfish, fanfish, fariss, filefish, flagfish, flamefish, flatfish, foolfish, frogfish, frostfish, furniss, garfish, ghostfish, globefish, goatfish, goldfish, goosefish, grayfish, greenfish, guardfish, hagfish, headfish, hogfish, horsefish, houndfish, immesh, inmesh, iwis, jackfish, jawfish, jewfish, kelpfish, kingfish, lafleche, lumpfish, lungfish, mahesh, mandresh, mcbridge, milkfish, minkfish, monkfish, moonfish, mudfish, numbfish, oarfish, oilfish, panfish, pastiche, pearlfish, phariss, pigfish, pinfish, porkfish, postiche, potiche, pradesh, priestfish, prowfish, ragfish, redfish, reeffish, refresh, remiss, rockfish, rosefish, sailfish, sandfish, sheatfish, shellfish, snailfish, snakefish, soapfish, spadefish, spikefish, starfish, stonefish, studfish, submiss, suckfish, sunfish, suresh, surffish, swordfish, threadfish, tilefish, toadfish, tonguefish, trunkfish, tundish, unhitch, unleash, unwish, whitefish, wreckfish, ywis

3 syllables:

alusuisse, amberfish, angelfish, archerfish, balloonfish, barrelfish, bottomfish, butterfish, candlefish, cherubfish, climbingfish, convictfish, cornetfish, cutlassfish, cuttlefish, damselfish, devilfish, doctorfish, dollarfish, dolphinfish, fiddlerfish, guitarfish, handsawfish, harvestfish, hatchetfish, intermesh, jellyfish, jewelfish, killifish, ladyfish, lancetfish, lanternfish, leatherfish, lemonfish, lizardfish, mccamish, needlefish, overstitch, paddlefish, parrotfish, pilotfish, pollyfish, rabbitfish, razorfish, reminisce, ribbonfish, rudderfish, sablefish, sergeantfish, silverfish, singingfish, skilletfish, soldierfish, suckerfish, surgeonfish, tigerfish, triggerfish, trumpetfish, turkeyfish, zebrafish

4 syllables:

buffalofish, bumblebeefish, butterflyfish, cardinalfish, mosquitofish, sargassumfish, scorpionfish

5 syllables:


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