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Words that nearly rhyme with "would":

1 syllable:

awed, baud, bawd, booed, bowed, braud, braude, brewed, broad, brood, browed, chewed, claud, claude, clawed, cloud, clued, couldst, cowed, crowd, crude, cude, daoud, daud, doud, dowd, dude, feud, flawed, food, foot, foote, fraud, gaud, glaude, glued, gnawed, goude, gude, houde, hued, jawed, jude, laud, laude, lewd, loud, maud, maude, mood, nude, ploughed, plowed, plude, poohed, proud, prude, put, rhude, rood, roode, rude, ruud, saud, sawed, screwed, shooed, shouldst, shrewd, shroud, skewed, sood, soot, sowed, spewed, staude, stewed, stroud, stude, sued, thawed, trude, viewed, vowed, who'd, wood, wooed, wouldst, wowed, wud, yaud, you'd

2 syllables:

abboud, abood, aboud, abroad, accrued, afoot, allgood, allowed, allude, aloud, applaud, armwood, arwood, ashwood, assured, attwood, atwood, avowed, backwoods, basswood, baywood, bearwood, bedgood, beechwood, beefwood, belaud, bellwood, bentwood, bidgood, bigwood, blackwood, bloodgood, bluewood, boxwood, boyhood, braidwood, brentwood, brushwood, canoed, caywood, chatswood, cheatwood, cheesewood, childhood, chitwood, conclude, construed, cordwood, corkwood, crabwood, crotchwood, dagwood, damewood, dashwood, deadwood, debuted, defraud, delude, dogwood, driftwood, dyewood, earwood, eastwood, edgewood, ellwood, elmwood, elude, elwood, endowed, endued, ensued, eschewed, exclude, exude, falsehood, fleetwood, forwood, fruitwood, fullwood, fulwood, garwood, gatewood, greasewood, greenwood, grimwood, groundwood, gumwood, hagwood, hallwood, hapgood, hardwood, harewood, hartwood, harwood, haygood, haywood, heartwood, hegwood, henwood, heywood, hobgood, hogwood, homewood, hoopwood, hopgood, hopwood, imbued, include, inkwood, insured, intrude, inwood, kaput, kellwood, kenwood, kingwood, knighthood, lacewood, lakewood, lancewood, lightwood, limewood, linwood, lockwood, logwood, longwood, macleod, magwood, mahmoud, maidhood, maksoud, manhood, maraud, markwood, marwood, matchwood, mccloud, mcleod, mcloud, milkwood, millwood, monkshood, moosewood, nonfood, northwood, nutwood, oakwood, osgood, outfoot, packwood, pegwood, plywood, portwood, preclude, presswood, prestwood, protrude, pulpwood, pursued, redwood, renewed, reviewed, rickwood, ringwood, rockwood, rosewood, sainthood, sapwood, scouthood, shampooed, sherwood, silkwood, smallwood, softwood, sourwood, southwood, spicewood, springwood, stanwood, statehood, stinkwood, subdued, tattooed, teakwood, toogood, torchwood, touchwood, unglued, upwood, whitewood, yarwood

3 syllables:

adulthood, agalwood, allenwood, alligood, aloeswood, angelhood, arrowood, arrowwood, babyhood, ballyhooed, brazilwood, briarwood, brierwood, brotherhood, buttonwood, candlewood, canoewood, catherwood, chittamwood, collingwood, cottonwood, devilwood, disallowed, disavowed, eaglewood, easterwood, elfinwood, ellenwood, ellingwood, ellinwood, englewood, evergood, fairyhood, fatherhood, fiddlewood, firewood, gentlehood, gopherwood, hardihood, hazelwood, hazlewood, hollywood, inglewood, ironwood, isherwood, leatherwood, ledgerwood, lidgerwood, likelihood, littlewood, livelihood, livergood, livingood, lustihood, maidenhood, maplewood, misconstrued, motherhood, nationhood, neighborhood, neighbourhood, orahood, orangewood, ovenwood, parenthood, pepperwood, personhood, ravenswood, ribbonwood, sandalwood, sapanwood, sappanwood, satinwood, scattergood, sisterhood, skewerwood, summerwood, tanglewood, trumpetwood, tulipwood, underfoot, underwood, unsecured, yellowwood, zebrawood

4 syllables:

agilawood, unlikelihood

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