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Words related to "care":

1 syllable:

TLC, angst, blight, bread, charge, cross, cure, curse, dig, dole, dread, ear, eye, fear, fret, gall, grief, hands, hedge, heed, hold, keep, like, load, love, meat, mind, note, nurse, pains, plight, reck, rue, share, stew, strain, stress, task, tend, think, thorn, thought, thrift, trust, ward, weight, wing, woe, zeal

2 syllables:

aegis, alarm, anguish, backing, bossing, brevet, bummer, burden, caution, concern, conduct, control, discharge, dismay, distress, dolor, downer, echo, effort, errand, fancy, favor, forethought, goodwill, grievance, guarding, guidance, handling, hardcase, hardship, heartache, heartbreak, heartgrief, hedging, heeding, interest, keeping, license, living, malaise, manna, mission, notice, nurture, office, pastorage, pining, practice, pressure, protect, proxy, prudence, pucker, purview, react, regard, regret, remark, respect, respond, rigor, running, sadness, sorrow, support, suspense, tension, treatment, trial, trouble, troubles, unease, upkeep, upset, usage, wardship, warrant, worry

3 syllables:

abetment, accordance, acquittal, acquittance, adherence, advertence, affliction, agency, agentship, agony, alertness, annoyance, assignment, attention, auspices, awareness, canniness, carefulness, cautiousness, chariness, charity, commission, commitment, compliance, concernment, conformance, consciousness, consider, consignment, countenance, custody, diligence, direction, discretion, disquiet, disturbance, earnestness, embassy, encumbrance, endowment, entrusting, entrustment, exertion, factorship, foreboding, fosterage, frugalness, fulfillment, governance, government, guardedness, heedfulness, husbandry, infliction, intendance, intentness, languishment, legation, livelihood, maintenance, management, mindfulness, ministry, misery, misgiving, mothering, nervousness, nourishment, observance, oppression, oversight, pastorate, pastorship, patronage, pawkiness, performance, prostration, protection, providence, provision, regency, regentship, safekeeping, safeness, seconding, sorrowing, sparingness, sponsorship, stewardship, subsidy, subsistence, subvention, suffering, surveillance, sustainment, sustenance, sympathy, thoroughness, thoughtfulness, thriftiness, trusteeship, tutelage, vexation, vigilance, wardenship, watchfulness

4 syllables:

adversity, advertency, advocacy, aggravation, agitation, anxiety, anxiousness, apprehension, attentiveness, austerity, authority, calculation, championship, circumspection, circumspectness, commissioning, concentration, conformity, consternation, delegation, deputation, devolution, devolvement, difficulties, difficulty, disquietude, economy, empowerment, encouragement, execution, exequatur, forebodingness, forehandedness, frugality, gingerliness, guardianship, hesitation, inquietude, irritation, judiciousness, jurisdiction, lamentation, lieutenancy, observation, parsimony, perturbation, predicament, preparedness, procuration, protectorship, prudentialness, regardfulness, satisfaction, solicitude, supervision, sustentation, tribulation, uneasiness, unquietness, vicissitude

5 syllables:

administration, anticipation, apprehensiveness, assiduity, assiduousness, authorization, consideration, curiosity, custodianship, deliberation, enthusiasm, executorship, intentiveness, meticulousness, punctiliousness, subsidization, superintendence, tentativeness, unwastefulness

6 syllables:

accountability, deliberateness, economicalness, overanxiety, parsimoniousness, responsibility, superintendency

7 syllables:


8 syllables:


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