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Words Related To "Clean" :

1 syllable:

blank, cleanse, clear, dust, fair, fresh, good, just, light, mop, neat, pick, plum, plumb, pure, scrub, scrubbed, spic, spick, strip, wash, washed, white, wipe

2 syllables:

adroit, clean house, cleanly, complete, cosher, dirt free, easy, empty, fairly, halal, houseclean, kosher, launder, make clean, moral, perfect, polish, pristine, scavenge, scour, shipshape, sparkling, speckless, sporting, sporty, spotless, sterile, tidy, unarmed, unsoiled, unstained, unused, vacuum, wholesome

3 syllables:

clean and jerk, cleanable, innocent, legible, orderly, spick and span, sportsmanlike, unspotted, unsullied, untainted, virtuous

4 syllables:

antiseptic, hygienic, immaculate, sanitary, unaddicted, unclouded, uninfected, unpolluted, unqualified

6 syllables:

uncontaminated, uncontaminating, unobjectionable