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Words related to "face":

1 syllable:

air, back, balls, beard, bluff, board, brass, brave, breast, brew, brick, brow, cap, case, cast, ceil, cheek, clad, cliff, cloak, clock, close, coat, cow, crag, crust, dab, dare, daub, dip, dread, dress, dye, em, en, false, feet, feint, fight, fill, font, fore, fraud, fringe, front, fur, gall, garb, gaze, gild, gilt, glare, glass, glaze, gloss, grain, groove, guise, guts, head, hope, hue, lap, lath, line, lines, load, look, looks, loom, map, mask, match, meet, mien, mug, mush, name, near, nerve, nick, pack, pad, paint, pan, phiz, pi, plank, point, port, pose, pride, prime, print, puss, rank, rate, rind, scar, scarp, script, shade, shake, sham, shank, sheathe, shell, show, skin, slate, smear, stain, stamp, stance, stare, steep, stem, stone, stuff, take, thatch, think, tile, tinct, tinge, tint, tone, top, traits, turn, type, wad, wall, wash, watch, worth

2 syllables:

accept, account, acting, admit, affront, allow, appear, approach, arrive, aspect, await, banner, banter, bearing, bedaub, begild, belly, besmear, bevel, bluffing, body, boldness, border, brashness, brazen, browbeat, carriage, challenge, cheating, chutzpah, clapboard, color, colors, conceit, confess, confront, contend, contrast, cortex, counter, cover, daring, defy, despite, dial, disguise, display, engild, expect, facade, facet, facing, faking, favor, feather, feature, features, feigning, finish, forefront, foreground, forehand, foreland, forepart, foresee, foreside, foreword, forthcome, frankly, fresco, frontage, frontal, frontier, gather, grimace, heading, honor, hover, humbug, image, imbue, impend, ingrain, inlay, japan, kisser, kudos, lacquer, letter, lower, menace, muzzle, obverse, oppose, outdare, outface, outline, outside, paper, parget, pica, pigment, posing, posture, preface, prefix, presence, prestige, presume, pretense, pretext, proudness, repute, resist, revet, roman, seeming, semblance, shadow, shellac, shingle, shoulder, showing, standing, station, stature, status, stipple, subdue, subtend, surface, threaten, tincture, typeface, value, varnish, veneer, venture, visage, wainscot, withstand

3 syllables:

acknowledge, appearance, arrogance, ascender, bedizen, boastfulness, brazenly, calcimine, camouflage, candidly, capital, circumference, coloring, complexion, confronting, contemplate, contrapose, countenance, counteract, covering, crostarie, deception, delusion, demeanor, descender, dignity, directly, dissemblance, distemper, emblazon, enamel, encounter, envelope, envisage, escarpment, expression, external, facia, facies, fakery, falsity, forequarter, frontispiece, gonfalon, gutsiness, haughtiness, imposture, impudence, interline, italic, ligature, lineaments, logotype, majuscule, masquerade, minuscule, openly, opposite, overawe, overhang, overlay, overlook, palisade, palisades, pennyworth, playacting, polarize, position, precipice, presumption, pretension, seemingly, speciousness, typecase, undercoat, vanity, wallpaper, weatherboard

4 syllables:

affectation, anticipate, apparently, audacity, contraposit, dissembling, effrontery, epidermis, evidently, experience, exterior, humbuggery, illuminate, impertinence, independence, integument, intimidate, notwithstanding, ostentation, periphery, pridefulness, priority, proscenium, reputation, simulacrum, simulation, superstratum, typefounders, typefoundry

5 syllables:

dissimulation, expansionism, meretriciousness, physiognomy, representation, superficially, superficies

6 syllables:

anteriority, attitudinizing

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