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Words related to "feeling":

1 syllable:

air, breath, brush, eye, feel, flick, glance, grace, graze, gut, heat, hint, hunch, kiss, lap, lick, lights, mind, mood, note, rub, ruth, sense, sight, stance, stroke, tact, tap, taste, thought, tone, touch, vein, view, warmth

2 syllables:

action, affect, ardor, aura, belief, caress, climate, conceit, concept, concern, contact, ethos, favor, feelings, fervor, finesse, friction, frottage, groping, handling, heartthrob, humor, hunting, imprint, inkling, instinct, judgment, kindness, mercy, milieu, mystique, notion, offset, outlook, palate, pardon, passion, pathos, percept, petting, pity, posture, pressure, process, quarter, regard, relief, reprieve, response, rubbing, sensing, sentient, soulful, spirit, stroking, taction, temper, tender, testing, theory, thinking, touching, trying, whisper

3 syllables:

affection, affective, ambiance, ambience, ardency, assumption, atmosphere, attitude, awareness, behavior, caressing, clairvoyant, clemency, compassion, conception, conclusion, condolence, consciousness, conviction, emotion, emotions, emotive, empathy, estimate, fervency, fingering, forbearance, foreboding, forefeeling, forgiveness, glandular, heuristic, idea, impression, lambency, leniency, nicety, opinion, overshoot, overtone, palpation, perception, persuasion, position, presumption, quality, reaction, refinement, sensation, sensitive, sentiment, subtlety, suspicion, sympathies, sympathy, tactfulness, tenderness, tentative, undertone, vehemence, visceral, zetetic

4 syllables:

affectional, analytic, benevolence, compassionate, connoisseurship, criticalness, delicacy, demonstrative, emotional, estimation, examining, experience, explorative, humanity, indagative, inspectional, intensity, intimation, intuition, intuitive, judiciousness, mitigation, observation, preapprehension, precognitive, premonition, presentiment, psychology, responsiveness, selectiveness, sympathetic, undercurrent, understanding

5 syllables:

affectivity, appreciation, appreciativeness, commiseration, consideration, discrimination, emotivity, explorational, exploratory, fastidiousness, inspectorial, intuitional, investigative, manipulation, palpability, sensibilities, sensibility, sensitivity, tangibility

6 syllables:

discriminatingness, emotiomotor, examinational, identification, investigational, investigatory, overdemonstrative, perceptibility, susceptibilities

7 syllables:

discriminativeness, emotiovascular, examinatorial

8 syllables:


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