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Synonyms For "Great" :

1 syllable:

big, cool, good, grand, huge, keen, large, neat, swell, vast

2 syllables:

awful, boundless, bully, complete, corking, countless, cracking, dandy, downright, enceinte, extreme, famous, gravid, groovy, heavy, immense, intense, lofty, major, nifty, noble, not bad, peachy, pregnant, profound, pronounced, skillful, smashing, splendid, stately, utter, weighty, with child

3 syllables:

absolute, abundant, capital, critical, distinguished, eminent, enormous, exalted, excellent, excessive, expectant, fantastic, heroic, horrendous, horrible, important, imposing, impressive, majestic, majuscule, momentous, notable, of import, outstanding, prodigious, serious, talented, terrible, terrific, uppercase, wonderful

4 syllables:

celebrated, elevated, illustrious, inordinate, magnificent, remarkable, significant, unlimited

5 syllables: