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Words related to "look":

1 syllable:

NB, air, break, cast, chance, clue, count, crane, cue, dash, eye, face, feel, form, front, gain, gape, gaup, gawk, gaze, glance, glare, gleam, glimpse, gloat, guise, heed, hint, hope, hunt, kick, lean, leer, lick, light, looks, mark, mien, mind, mug, nod, note, nudge, nurse, peek, peep, peer, phase, probe, prompt, pry, puss, quest, read, scan, scene, scent, scorn, see, seek, seem, serve, shade, shape, shot, show, side, sight, sign, sip, slant, smack, smell, sneer, sound, spark, spoor, spot, spurn, squeak, squint, stare, style, sup, taste, tend, thought, time, tinge, touch, trace, track, twist, view, watch, wink, wise

2 syllables:

admire, angle, appear, aspect, attend, await, bearing, behold, beware, contemn, dekko, demand, despise, disdain, display, divine, effect, esteem, expect, explore, express, extol, eyeball, eyeful, facet, fashion, feature, figure, follow, forecast, foretell, gander, gestalt, gesture, glimmer, glower, goggle, honor, image, improve, incline, index, inkling, inspect, likeness, manner, misprize, notice, observe, ogle, phasis, preview, progress, prospect, protect, pursue, regard, remark, research, respect, revere, seeming, semblance, shadow, signal, soupcon, sprinkling, study, survey, symptom, telltale, tincture, viewpoint, visage, visit, whisper, witness, worship

3 syllables:

appearance, consider, contemplate, countenance, demeanor, derogate, disparage, eidolon, examine, exhibit, expression, glimmering, idea, idolize, imago, impression, indicate, lineaments, manifest, occasion, opening, overlook, reference, require, rubberneck, scintilla, scrutinize, smattering, suggestion, suspicion, telephone, venerate

4 syllables:

animadvert, anticipate, implication, indication, innuendo, intimation, investigate, simulacrum

5 syllables:

configuration, insinuation, physiognomy

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