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Words related to "matter":

1 syllable:

air, bag, bulk, case, cause, chyle, core, count, draft, earth, fact, force, gist, gleet, goal, ground, head, heart, hyle, job, lymph, mass, mean, meat, milk, nub, phlegm, piece, pith, play, point, pus, range, rheum, run, sake, sap, score, screed, scrip, script, scrive, scroll, sense, snot, soul, source, spring, star, strength, stuff, sum, sweat, tear, tell, text, theme, thing, tune, weep, weigh, weight, whole, work

2 syllables:

ado, affair, affairs, amount, aspect, atom, atoms, basis, being, body, bother, brainchild, burden, business, calling, chapter, commerce, concern, content, context, copy, datum, detail, discharge, doing, employ, essay, essence, event, evil, extent, fabric, facet, factor, fester, fiction, fire, flimsy, function, grievance, headache, heading, humor, ichor, ideal, import, instance, interest, issue, item, kernel, labor, letter, lodestar, lookout, mainspring, marrow, meaning, measure, moment, monad, motif, motive, mucor, mucus, nature, numbers, object, opus, order, paper, parchment, penscript, plenum, poem, printout, problem, purport, puzzle, quantum, question, rankle, rankling, reason, regard, respect, ripen, rubric, running, serum, service, spirit, subject, substance, teardrop, topic, transcript, trouble, typescript, upset, upshot, urine, version, water, worry, writing

3 syllables:

ambition, amplitude, annoyance, argument, article, autograph, besetment, circumstance, colostrum, component, concernment, condition, consequence, dilemma, distillate, document, element, elixir, employment, engrossment, enigma, enterprise, entity, episode, essentials, festering, holograph, importance, incident, intention, lachryma, lactation, magnitude, manuscript, mattering, measurement, medium, molecule, neighborhood, nonfiction, occasion, occurrence, principle, proceeding, production, purulence, quandary, quantity, quintessence, recension, saliva, sanies, signify, substratum, suppurate, tangible, transaction, transcription, vocation

4 syllables:

activities, activity, anxiety, aspiration, complication, composition, constituent, difficulty, disadvantage, distillation, hypostasis, implication, incidental, inconvenience, inspiration, leukorrhea, literature, lucubration, material, meaningfulness, minutia, minutiae, occupation, original, particular, predicament, significance, situation, suppuration, undertaking, vicinity

5 syllables:

consideration, individual, signification

6 syllables:


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