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Words related to "mind":

1 syllable:

aim, ba, bent, brain, brains, breath, care, cast, choice, choose, cite, cue, deem, dig, drive, eye, frame, go, grain, grudge, guard, head, heart, heed, hope, id, judge, keep, khu, lights, like, look, lust, mad, make, manes, mark, mean, mens, mold, mood, need, note, nous, nurse, plan, plans, point, reck, sage, sake, scold, see, self, sense, set, shade, sight, skill, slant, smarts, soul, stamp, stance, strain, streak, stripe, tend, think, thought, thoughts, tone, turn, twist, type, urge, vein, view, want, warp, watch, weigh, will, wish, wit, wits

2 syllables:

ardor, atman, attend, begrudge, behold, belief, berate, beware, bias, buddhi, chastise, cherish, command, comply, conceit, concept, conclude, conform, conscience, conserve, counsel, crazy, decide, descry, design, discern, dislike, effect, ego, engram, enjoy, esprit, espy, ethos, evoke, fancy, feeling, follow, forget, foster, function, genius, govern, headpiece, horme, humor, ignore, insane, insight, intent, jiva, judgement, judgment, kama, kidney, leaning, liking, makeup, manas, marbles, meaning, mettle, mneme, morale, mother, motive, mystique, nature, nephesh, nisus, notice, notion, nurture, obey, observe, passion, perceive, perpend, pleasure, pneuma, ponder, posture, power, prana, preserve, project, propose, psyche, purpose, reason, rebuke, recall, reevoke, reflect, regard, relish, remark, remind, reproach, reprove, resent, resolve, retain, retrace, review, revive, ruach, saneness, sapience, senses, shadow, shepherd, shrewdness, soundness, spirit, spirits, striving, study, submit, support, temper, theory, thinker, thinking, unsure, upbraid, viewpoint, wanting, wisdom

3 syllables:

Mnemosyne, ambition, anima, animus, appetence, appetite, aptitude, assumption, astuteness, attention, attitude, babysit, castigate, chaperon, character, coconscious, cognizance, conation, conatus, conception, conclusion, consciousness, consider, contemplate, conviction, decision, desire, determine, discipline, discretion, disregard, eagerness, estimate, faculty, fantasy, foreconscious, idea, impression, intellect, intendment, intention, jivatma, libido, matronize, memory, objective, observance, opinion, oversee, perception, percipience, persona, persuasion, position, preconscious, preference, presumption, proposal, prospectus, protege, purusha, ratio, reaction, reasoning, recapture, recollect, remember, remembrance, reminisce, reprimand, retrospect, sanity, sentiment, souvenir, spiritus, subconscious, supervise, tendency, uncertain, unconscious, volition, wavering

4 syllables:

ambivalent, animadvert, appetency, aspiration, atavism, capacity, concentration, concupiscence, constitution, diathesis, disposition, estimation, excogitate, inclination, intellection, intelligence, lucidity, mentality, observation, predilection, proclivity, propensity, recollection, resolution, sagacity, subliminal, superego, superintend, temperament, undecided, understanding, vacillating, velleity

5 syllables:

consideration, curiosity, desideration, desideratum, determination, eccentricity, intellectual, personality, predisposition, rationality

6 syllables:


7 syllables:


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