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Synonyms For "Short" :

1 syllable:

brief, brisk, brusk, brusque, clipped, close, curt, dead, light, poor, quick, scant, sharp, small, snub, squab, squat, terse, thick

2 syllables:

abrupt, chunky, compact, concise, condensed, curtal, curtly, dumpy, fleeting, little, midstream, passing, petite, rapid, runty, sharply, shortened, shortish, shortly, shortstop, squabby, squatty, stocky, stubby, stumpy, stunted, succinct, thickset, tiny, truncate

3 syllables:

abruptly, breakable, deficient, forgetful, fugitive, heavyset, myopic, short and sweet, short circuit, shortsighted, suddenly, telescoped, to the point, truncated, unawares, undersized, unfriendly

4 syllables:

diminutive, discourteous, improvident, inadequate, insufficient, momentary, unforesightful, unretentive

5 syllables:

abbreviated, momentaneous