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Words related to "start":

1 syllable:

A, aid, base, beat, birth, blanch, blench, blink, bob, bolt, bounce, bound, bourn, break, broach, buck, bulge, burst, chance, chase, clear, course, crack, cringe, dart, dawn, dodge, dog, draw, drive, drop, duck, edge, end, fade, flick, flinch, flip, flirt, float, floor, flounce, flush, found, fowl, go, gun, hawk, hedge, help, hitch, hop, hound, hunt, jack, jar, jerk, jib, jig, jog, jolt, jump, launch, lead, leap, leave, line, march, mark, mete, moot, move, odds, pluck, pose, pounce, quail, rise, run, send, shock, shoot, shrink, shy, skip, snap, snatch, split, sport, spring, squinch, stalk, swerve, term, track, trail, turn, tweak, twitch, vault, wince, wrench, yank, yerk

2 syllables:

advance, alpha, arise, attack, avoid, backing, basis, beget, begin, boggle, buckjump, bundle, ceiling, commence, compass, confine, create, curvet, cutoff, dawning, deadline, deadwood, depart, embark, emerge, enter, evade, falcon, father, finish, fissure, founding, fracture, frontier, hurdle, issue, jacklight, jiggle, joggle, leapfrog, limen, limit, onset, open, outbreak, outset, outstart, panic, prefer, proceed, propose, protrude, recoil, retreat, rupture, sally, setoff, setout, shikar, sidestep, stampede, starting, startle, submit, suggest, tackle, takeoff, threshold, updive, upleap, upspring, vantage, weasel

3 syllables:

activate, advantage, allowance, assistance, beginning, beginnings, boundary, capriole, commencement, constitute, creation, delimitation, develop, emergence, establish, financing, foundation, genesis, handicap, inception, institute, interface, introduce, oncoming, opening, organize, origin, outsetting, overjump, overleap, overskip, postulate, propound, recommend, skedaddle, sponsorship, steeplechase, terminus, undertake, unravel

4 syllables:

circumscription, determinant, disintegrate, encouragement, establishment, extremity, inaugurate, initiate, institution, limitation, negotiate, originate, proposition

5 syllables:

inauguration, initiation, opportunity, origination

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