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Words related to "take":

1 syllable:

OD, act, and, ask, bag, bear, beard, beat, bilk, blaze, board, bolt, book, boost, brave, bring, brook, burn, buy, cart, catch, charm, chase, cheat, choose, chouse, claim, clasp, claw, clear, clench, click, clinch, clutch, con, cop, court, crave, crib, crook, cull, deem, dig, do, doff, down, draw, dream, drink, dupe, earn, eat, end, face, fare, feed, feel, fight, filch, flame, fly, fool, foul, freight, gain, gains, gate, get, go, grab, graft, grant, grasp, grip, gripe, gross, guess, guide, gull, gyp, hack, haul, have, hoard, hold, hook, hug, judge, ken, kill, know, land, lead, learn, lease, leave, let, lift, like, lodge, loot, lug, lure, make, mark, meal, mesh, mock, mulct, nab, nail, need, net, nick, nip, noose, note, pack, palm, pass, pelf, perk, perks, pick, pinch, play, poach, prize, quaff, raise, rape, reach, read, reap, rent, rob, rope, sack, say, score, scram, scrounge, see, seize, sense, serve, shame, shock, shot, snag, snare, snatch, snitch, spear, split, spoil, spoils, spoof, squeeze, stand, steal, stick, store, strike, swag, swipe, taste, thieve, think, till, tote, trap, treat, trick, trow, use, voice, waft, wealth, ween, whisk, wile, win, wing, wolf, woo, work, yield

2 syllables:

abduct, abide, absorb, abstract, accede, accept, accroach, admit, adopt, affect, allure, annex, apply, assent, assume, astound, attract, avails, behave, believe, bewitch, blackmail, boodle, booty, borrow, burlesque, capture, carry, challenge, cleanup, collapse, collar, combust, compass, comply, comprise, conceive, conclude, condone, conduct, connect, consent, construe, consume, contain, contract, convey, convoy, copy, corral, cover, cozen, credit, credits, daresay, debase, decamp, deceive, deduce, deduct, define, deflate, defraud, degrade, demand, depart, derive, describe, diddle, diet, digest, discard, discount, disgrace, divine, earnings, effect, elect, embrace, employ, enchant, endure, engage, enlist, enmesh, ensnare, entail, entrap, erupt, escort, espouse, esteem, exact, expect, express, extort, extract, fancy, farewell, fathom, favor, ferry, fever, fiddle, flimflam, follow, function, gather, gettings, gleanings, grapple, handle, harpoon, harrow, harvest, hire, hoodwink, humble, hunger, ignore, imbibe, imply, include, income, infer, infringe, ingest, inhale, intake, interest, involve, killing, lampoon, lasso, lower, lucre, maintain, makings, master, mimic, obey, obtain, opine, oppose, output, partake, perceive, perform, pickings, pilfer, pillage, pirate, plunder, pocket, possess, preempt, prefer, prehend, presume, prevail, proceeds, procure, produce, profit, profits, prosper, purchase, purloin, pursue, quarter, ravish, react, realize, recant, receipt, receipts, receive, reckon, record, regard, relent, relish, remove, repute, reserve, resign, resume, retain, retake, retract, return, returns, rival, rustle, savor, savvy, secure, seizure, select, shoplift, sicken, sniggle, sponsor, startle, stealings, stomach, study, submit, subsume, subtract, succeed, succumb, suffer, support, suppose, surmise, surprise, survive, suspect, swallow, swindle, tackle, takings, tangle, torment, transcribe, transport, weather, winnings, withdraw, withstand

3 syllables:

acknowledge, acquire, advocate, apprehend, arrogate, astonish, bamboozle, belittle, captivate, chronicle, commandeer, commissions, comprehend, confiscate, consider, continue, deflorate, deflower, deliver, deprecate, devour, diagnose, diminish, disavow, disparage, disregard, dividend, dividends, document, embezzle, encompass, entangle, entertain, establish, estimate, fascinate, graduate, imagine, imitate, implicate, inherit, interpret, kinescope, liberate, magnetize, manhandle, occupy, operate, overcharge, overdose, overhaul, overlook, overtake, parody, peculate, percentage, perquisite, plagiarize, prefigure, presuppose, presurmise, qualify, require, resemble, revenue, royalties, satirize, sequester, simulate, skedaddle, terminate, tolerate, travesty, undergo, understand, undertake, violate

4 syllables:

accommodate, accompany, annihilate, appreciate, appropriate, assimilate, caricature, depreciate, devirginate, experience, expropriate, humiliate, necessitate, receivables, repudiate

5 syllables:


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