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Words related to "thought":

1 syllable:

bit, care, cast, crack, dart, dash, dream, ear, eye, flash, gleam, hare, heed, hint, hope, lick, light, lights, look, mind, note, phrase, plan, sauce, say, scheme, shade, shot, sight, sip, smack, smell, spark, spice, stance, streak, sup, tact, taint, taste, thoughts, tinct, tinge, tint, touch, trace, view, wind, word

2 syllables:

address, advice, answer, arrow, brainstorm, brainwork, briefing, brooding, caution, comment, conceit, concept, concern, council, counsel, courser, design, dictum, eagle, ethos, fancy, feeling, gazelle, greeting, greyhound, guidance, image, inkling, judgment, kindness, lightning, little, mental, mention, museful, musing, mystique, notice, notion, parley, pensive, planning, posture, prospect, question, reason, recept, regard, remark, respect, rocket, saying, sentence, shadow, sober, soupcon, sprinkling, statement, swallow, theory, thinking, thoughtful, tincture, torrent, trifle, vestige, vision, warning, wistful

3 syllables:

advertence, advising, alertness, antelope, assertion, assumption, attention, attitude, averment, awareness, cannonball, caveat, certainty, cognitive, compassion, complaisance, conception, conceptive, conclusion, confidence, consciousness, diligence, direction, earnestness, estimate, expression, heedfulness, helpfulness, hortation, idea, imago, imminence, impression, indulgence, infusion, instruction, intellect, intention, intentness, kindliness, leniency, memories, memory, mentation, mercury, mindfulness, monition, noetic, observance, opinion, perception, pondering, position, prehensive, presumption, pronouncement, proposal, quicksilver, reaction, reasoning, reflecting, reflection, reflective, reliance, remonstrance, ruminant, scintilla, seasoning, sentiment, serious, smattering, subjoinder, suggestion, suspicion, sympathy, tactfulness, tempering, tenderness, thoughtfulness, thunderbolt, utterance

4 syllables:

admonition, advertency, advocacy, affirmation, allegation, apostrophe, apprehension, attentiveness, cerebration, cogitation, cogitative, concentrating, concentration, concentrative, conceptual, considering, consultation, contemplating, contemplation, contemplative, declaration, delicacy, estimation, exclamation, exhortation, expectancy, expectation, ideative, intellection, intelligence, interjection, intimation, introspective, meditating, meditation, meditative, obligingness, observation, regardfulness, remembrances, ruminating, rumination, ruminative, solicitude, speculation, speculative, supposition, toleration

5 syllables:

agreeableness, anticipation, assiduity, assiduousness, association, conceptualized, consideration, deliberating, deliberation, deliberative, electricity, excogitating, expostulation, intentiveness, probability, rationality, recommendation, representation, solicitousness, unastonishment

6 syllables:

accommodatingness, considerateness, ratiocination

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