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Words related to "true":

1 syllable:

bound, clear, fast, firm, fit, fix, fixed, flat, just, liege, place, proved, real, right, set, smooth, sot, sound, staunch, straight, strict, sure, sync, take, tried, tune, uncurved

2 syllables:

Christian, accord, active, adapt, adjust, approved, ardent, attune, careful, certain, confirmed, constant, correct, devout, direct, even, exact, faithful, fitting, flinty, frankly, fussy, happen, honest, kosher, lawful, legal, level, loyal, measure, mindful, normal, occur, precise, proper, proven, received, rightful, settled, sincere, stable, standard, steadfast, steady, steely, streamlined, tailor, tested, truly, trusty, truthful, unbent, unbowed, unfeigned, unturned, upright, valid, very, worthy

3 syllables:

absolute, accepted, accurate, actual, arrowlike, ascertained, attested, authentic, befitting, candidly, certified, committed, compliant, conclusive, conforming, consistent, correctly, decisive, definite, desired, determined, devoted, duteous, dutiful, equalize, established, exactly, expressive, factual, faithworthy, finicky, genuine, harmonize, honestly, linear, literal, meaningful, natural, observant, orthodox, overnice, positive, practicing, predestined, proportion, punctual, reconcile, rectify, regardful, regular, regulate, resolute, scriptural, scrupulous, sincerely, substantial, suggestive, suitable, synchronize, textual, truehearted, trustable, trustworthy, truthfully, typical, unbending, unbroken, undenied, undissembled, undoubted, unerring, unfailing, unfalse, unshaken, unswerving, unvarnished, unyielding, veracious, verified, vertical

4 syllables:

acceptable, accommodate, accurately, apodictic, applicable, appropriate, assimilate, canonical, conscientious, conventional, coordinate, creditable, customary, dedicated, demonstrated, dependable, determinate, effectual, estimable, historical, homologate, homologize, honorable, horizontal, immovable, indicative, inflexible, legitimate, meticulous, necessary, predetermined, punctilious, realistic, reliable, responsible, significant, similarize, straightforwardly, traditional, unconfuted, undeflected, undesigning, undistorted, unfallacious, unflappable, univocal, unmistaken, unrefuted, untreacherous, unwavering, validated, veridical, veritable

5 syllables:

authenticated, authoritative, corroborated, documentary, evangelical, incorruptible, indubitable, ineluctable, inevitable, inviolable, mathematical, orthodoxical, rectilineal, rectilinear, substantiated, unambiguous, undeflectable, undeniable, undeviating, unequivocal, unerroneous, uninterrupted, unmistakable, unperfidious, unquestionable, verifiable

6 syllables:

traditionalistic, unadulterated

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