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/* draw gray box around results */
#rd_container {
  width: 400px;
  padding: 20px 20px 20px 20px;
  border: 2px solid #777777;

/* set font family and size */
#rd_input, #rd_button, #rd_container p {
  font-family: "Tahoma";
  font-size: 16px;

/* format input field */
#rd_input {
  width: 250px;
  height: 30px;
  letter-spacing: 1px;
  padding-left: 5px;
  border: 2px solid #AAAAAA;

/* format "Find Rhymes" button */
#rd_button {
  height: 34px;
  margin-left: 7px;
  padding: 0px 10px 0px 10px;
  color: white;
  background-color: #777777;