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Words that nearly rhyme with "hate":

1 syllable:

ade, aid, aide, ain't, ape, bade, baste, bayed, beat, beet, beit, bete, bight, bite, blade, bleat, blight, boyt, boyte, braid, breit, bright, brite, byte, cade, cape, chape, chaste, cheat, cite, clade, cleat, cliett, clyte, coit, crape, crepe, crete, crit, dade, dight, doit, drape, droit, duit, dwight, eat, eyde, fade, faint, faints, fayed, feat, feet, feint, feints, feit, fetes, fight, fite, flayed, fleet, flight, flite, fluyt, flyte, foyt, frayed, freet, fright, gade, gape, glade, gleet, grade, graip, grape, greet, grete, hade, haet, haid, haight, hain't, hait, han't, haste, heat, height, heit, heyd, heyde, hiett, hight, hite, hoit, hoyt, hyte, jade, jape, kade, keap, keat, keet, keitt, kight, kite, knape, knight, krait, kriete, kyte, laced, lade, laid, lape, leat, leet, leete, leite, light, lite, made, maid, maist, mayde, mayst, meat, meet, mete, might, mite, moit, nape, neat, neet, night, nite, paced, paid, paint, pape, paste, peat, peet, peete, pete, piette, plaint, played, pleat, plight, prayed, prete, preyed, quade, quaid, quaint, quiett, quite, quoit, raid, raked, rape, rayed, reit, right, rite, saint, sayed, sayst, scape, schade, scheidt, schrade, schuit, schuyt, scrape, seat, shade, shape, shaped, sheet, sight, site, skeat, skeet, skeete, skite, slade, slape, sleet, sleight, slight, smite, snape, spade, spaid, spayd, spayde, spight, spite, spraint, sprayed, sprite, stade, staid, stayed, strayed, street, streett, streit, strite, suede, suite, swape, swayed, sweatt, sweet, swete, taint, tape, taste, teat, they'd, threatt, threet, thweatt, tight, trade, treat, trite, tveit, tweet, twite, veit, vite, vliet, voight, voit, wade, waid, waide, waist, waste, weighed, wheat, white, whyte, wight, wite, wright, write, wyte, zaid, zeit

2 syllables:

abaised, abased, abrade, accrete, acquaint, adroit, affright, afraid, agape, aggrade, airfreight, alcade, alight, allayed, allstate, alright, arcade, aright, arrayed, arzate, attaint, attrite, backplate, baldpate, barefaced, baseplate, bathgate, bedight, bedmate, bedplate, beloit, benoit, bepaint, betrayed, birthrate, blackplate, blockade, bobwhite, bookplate, braithwaite, brascade, breakmate, breastplate, brigade, brocade, buffeted, bunkmate, cascade, casemate, catchweight, chametz, charade, cheapskate, checkmate, chromeplate, classmate, clevite, cliched, clodpate, cockade, compete, complaint, compleat, complete, conceit, concrete, constraint, contrite, conveyed, copemate, copesmate, corrade, crankplate, crocheted, croupade, crusade, dacoit, dakoit, deadweight, decade, decayed, deceit, defeat, degrade, delayed, delete, delight, deloitte, depaint, deplete, despite, detroit, dictate, digate, discreet, discrete, dismayed, displayed, disseat, dissuade, distaste, distraint, donate, doorplate, downbeat, downgrade, downstate, drawplate, dunite, dutoit, ebright, effete, eggcrate, elite, enceinte, enright, entreat, enwright, erased, escape, escheat, estreat, etoile, etoiles, evade, evite, excite, excrete, exploit, faceplate, facete, fishplate, fixate, flambeed, flitchplate, floodgate, flyweight, footplate, forbade, foretaste, forthright, frustrate, gambade, gamete, garthwaite, goldade, goldthwaite, granade, grenade, guerite, gyrate, hametz, handmade, homemade, ignite, impaste, incite, indict, indite, ingate, ingrate, inmate, intreat, invade, invite, jailbait, jobete, kincade, kincaid, lafite, lalit, lambast, lambaste, lanete, lightweight, limeade, locate, macknight, magnate, makeweight, maltreat, mandate, manmade, marcade, mccright, mcdade, mcdaid, mcglade, mcknight, mcquade, mcquaid, mcquaide, mcright, mcwhite, mcwright, mesquite, messmate, migrate, mislaid, misshape, mistreat, miswrite, munite, murveit, mutate, nameplate, narrate, nitrate, nonwhite, northgate, obeyed, offbeat, onsite, outfight, outlaid, outright, outweighed, outwrite, parade, passade, persuade, pervade, pesade, petite, phonemate, playmate, polite, portrayed, posthaste, postheat, postpaid, poteat, preheat, prelate, prepaid, primate, probate, prostate, rebate, receipt, recite, regrade, regreet, remade, repaid, repaint, repeat, replayed, replete, requite, reseat, reshape, restraint, retreat, rewrite, roommate, rotate, sauteed, scalade, schoolmate, screwplate, seagate, secrete, serrate, shipmate, shoemate, shumate, skintight, soleplate, southgate, southstate, stagnate, stalemate, stockade, substrate, sulfate, sunstate, surveyed, tailgate, taxpaid, teammate, teate, terete, tirade, tonight, topflight, treadplate, tristate, truncate, unbraid, unchaste, undrape, undraped, unfaced, unite, unlade, unlaid, unmade, unmeet, unpaid, unplaced, unseat, unshaped, unsight, unswayed, untraced, unweighed, upbraid, update, upgrade, upright, uptight, vanfleet, vanvliet, westgate, windtight, wingate, yolkmate

3 syllables:

abdicate, ablegate, abnegate, abrogate, acclimate, accolade, acerbate, acetate, achromate, acrylate, activate, actuate, acylate, adipate, adulate, advocate, aestivate, aggravate, agitate, aguacate, akinete, alginate, alienate, alkylate, alligate, allocate, altercate, alternate, aluminate, ambulate, ambuscade, amidate, aminate, amitate, ammonate, amputate, animate, annotate, antedate, antiquate, antliate, apartheid, applegate, approbate, arbitrate, argentate, arillate, arrogate, arsenate, arylate, aspirate, astrogate, auscultate, auspicate, automate, aviate, baffleplate, ballotade, bantamweight, barbellate, basiate, bastinade, benzoate, bifurcate, bijugate, billingsgate, bishopsgate, bittersweet, bletherskate, boilerplate, bombilate, brachiate, brecciate, brominate, butyrate, cachinnate, calcarate, calculate, calibrate, califate, caliphate, calycate, camisade, camphorate, cancellate, cancerate, candidate, cannonade, cannulate, canulate, capitate, caproate, capsulate, captivate, carafate, carbamate, carbonade, carbonate, carburet, carinate, carronade, carucate, caseate, castigate, catkinate, cavalcade, celebrate, cellulate, cerebrate, chiffonade, chlamydate, chlorinate, circinate, circulate, clypeate, coelomate, cogitate, cohobate, colligate, collimate, collocate, colonnade, commentate, comminate, commutate, compensate, complanate, complicate, concentrate, concinnate, condensate, confiscate, congregate, conjugate, consecrate, constellate, consternate, constipate, consummate, contemplate, copperplate, copulate, coronate, correlate, corrugate, coruscate, counterlight, counterweight, cowperthwaite, crenulate, crepitate, criminate, croceate, cruiserweight, cucullate, culminate, cultivate, cumulate, cupulate, cuspidate, cyanate, cyclamate, dealate, decimate, declinate, decorate, dedicate, defecate, defilade, deflagrate, delegate, demonstrate, denigrate, denudate, depilate, deprecate, depredate, depurate, derogate, desecrate, desiccate, designate, desolate, desquamate, detonate, deuterate, devastate, deviate, dichromate, digitate, diplomate, disgregate, dislocate, disobeyed, dissertate, dissipate, distillate, disunite, divagate, dominate, dragonnade, dunderpate, duplicate, echinate, educate, elevate, emanate, embrocate, emendate, emigrate, emirate, emulate, enervate, epilate, escalade, escalate, esplanade, estimate, estivate, ethylate, exarate, exarchate, excavate, exculpate, excurvate, execrate, expiate, expiscate, explanate, explicate, expurgate, exsiccate, extirpate, extricate, exudate, fabricate, fasciate, fascinate, fatigate, featherlight, featherweight, fecundate, federate, festinate, fibrillate, filiate, fimbriate, flagellate, flocculate, floriate, fluctuate, fluoridate, fluorinate, flusterate, foliate, forcipate, formulate, formylate, fornicate, fractionate, fulgurate, fulminate, fumigate, fustigate, galeate, gallopade, gangliate, gasconade, gastrulate, geminate, generate, gentisate, germinate, glaciate, glutamate, graduate, granulate, gratulate, gravitate, ideate, illustrate, imitate, immigrate, immolate, impetrate, implicate, impolite, imprecate, impregnate, incomplete, incubate, inculcate, incurvate, indagate, indicate, indiscreet, indiscrete, infiltrate, innovate, insolate, instigate, insulate, integrate, intergrade, intimate, intonate, intubate, inundate, invocate, iodate, irangate, irrigate, irritate, irrorate, isolate, iterate, jaculate, jubilate, judicate, jugulate, juniorate, kalifate, khalifate, labiate, lacerate, lamellate, laminate, lancinate, lapidate, latinate, legislate, lemonade, levigate, levitate, liberate, lingulate, liquidate, litigate, loculate, loricate, lubricate, lucubrate, lunulate, macerate, machinate, maculate, magistrate, maladroit, malleate, mamillate, mammillate, manducate, manganate, marginate, marguerite, marinade, marinate, masquerade, mastergate, masticate, masturbate, maturate, mediate, medicate, meditate, melamed, melammed, meliorate, menstruate, methylate, metricate, middleweight, militate, miniate, mitergate, mithridate, mitigate, moderate, modulate, monoclate, motivate, multimate, muriate, muticate, mutilate, nauseate, navigate, neonate, nominate, nonrestraint, numerate, nuncupate, obfuscate, objurgate, obligate, obsecrate, obsolete, obturate, obviate, ocellate, oleate, operate, opiate, oppilate, orangeade, orchestrate, oscillate, osculate, overeat, overhaste, overheat, overnight, overnite, overpaid, overplayed, overshade, overstate, overstayed, oversweet, overtrade, overwrite, ovulate, oxalate, paginate, palisade, palliate, palmitate, palpebrate, palpitate, papermate, paperweight, papillate, pasquinade, passivate, pectinate, peculate, pendulate, penetrate, pennyweight, pepsinate, percolate, perforate, permeate, permutate, perorate, perpetrate, phosphorate, pinnulate, planulate, pollinate, populate, postulate, potentate, predicate, premiate, principate, procreate, profligate, promenade, promulgate, propagate, pullulate, pulmonate, pulvinate, punctuate, pustulate, quaternate, racemate, radiate, raffinate, rattlepate, reacquaint, realestate, reclinate, reclivate, recreate, reduzate, regelate, registrate, regulate, reignite, relegate, remonstrate, renovate, replicate, reprobate, resonate, respirate, reunite, riunite, rubricate, ruminate, runagate, rusticate, saccharate, sacculate, sagittate, salivate, sanitate, satiate, satterwhite, saturate, segregate, selenate, semisweet, separate, septenate, serenade, sibilate, sigillate, simulate, situate, solmizate, sororate, speculate, spherulate, spiculate, spoliate, sporulate, stimulate, stipitate, stipulate, strangulate, stridulate, stylobate, subjugate, subrogate, succinate, suffocate, suimate, sulfonate, sulphamate, sulphonate, sulphurate, superheat, superstate, supinate, supplicate, suppurate, suricate, surrogate, syncopate, syndicate, tabulate, tamponade, tellurate, terminate, tesselate, tessellate, thionate, titanate, titivate, tittivate, tolerate, toluate, tracheate, transudate, trijugate, triplicate, tritiate, triturate, tubulate, ulcerate, ululate, unafraid, unconstraint, underlaid, underpaid, understate, underweight, underwrite, undismayed, undulate, unimate, unpolite, unrestraint, unsurveyed, urinate, urticate, vaccinate, vacillate, valuate, vegetate, venerate, vertebrate, vesicate, vindicate, violate, vitiate, watergate, weathertight, welterweight, wheelabrate, wolframate, yesternight, zirconate

4 syllables:

abbreviate, abietate, abirritate, abominate, accelerate, accentuate, accommodate, acculturate, accumulate, achlamydate, acidulate, acierate, acoelomate, acuminate, adjudicate, administrate, adulterate, affiliate, agglomerate, agglutinate, albuminate, alcoholate, alleviate, alliterate, amalgamate, ameliorate, ammoniate, annihilate, annunciate, anticipate, antimonate, apocopate, appreciate, appropriate, approximate, articulate, ascomycete, asphyxiate, assassinate, asseverate, assibilate, assimilate, associate, attenuate, authenticate, barbiturate, benzoylate, biflagellate, bilabiate, bilineate, binoxalate, binucleate, biocellate, bipectinate, calceolate, calumniate, canonicate, capacitate, capitulate, capreolate, carboxylate, carinulate, catholicate, centuplicate, certificate, chelicerate, claviculate, coacervate, coagulate, coelenterate, collaborate, commemorate, commiserate, communicate, compassionate, concatenate, concelebrate, conciliate, concorporate, confabulate, confederate, conglomerate, congratulate, consociate, consolidate, contaminate, continuate, cooperate, coordinate, corniculate, corroborate, deactivate, deaminate, debilitate, decaffeinate, decancellate, decapitate, decarbonate, decelerate, decerebrate, deconcentrate, deconsecrate, decorticate, decrepitate, deescalate, defenestrate, defibrillate, deflocculate, defoliate, degenerate, delaminate, deliberate, delimitate, delineate, demodulate, demotivate, denominate, denunciate, depopulate, depreciate, deracinate, desalinate, desegregate, desiderate, desulfurate, desulphurate, determinate, detoxicate, devaluate, dialysate, dialyzate, dilacerate, dilapidate, dimidiate, discriminate, disintegrate, displuviate, disseminate, dissimilate, dissimulate, dissociate, dithionate, divaricate, domesticate, ebracteate, ecalcarate, edulcorate, effectuate, effigiate, ejaculate, elaborate, electroplate, eliminate, elucidate, elutriate, eluviate, emaciate, emancipate, emarginate, emasculate, encapsulate, enculturate, endopodite, enucleate, enumerate, enunciate, equilibrate, equivocate, eradiate, eradicate, ethinamate, etiolate, evacuate, evaginate, evaluate, evaporate, eventuate, eviscerate, exacerbate, exaggerate, exasperate, excogitate, excoriate, excorticate, excruciate, exfoliate, exhilarate, exonerate, expatiate, expatriate, expectorate, expeditate, expostulate, expropriate, exsanguinate, extenuate, exterminate, extrapolate, extravagate, extravasate, exuberate, exuviate, facilitate, fanfaronade, fantasticate, faveolate, felicitate, foliolate, gabionade, ganglionate, gesticulate, glycerinate, habilitate, habituate, hallucinate, harlequinade, hesperidate, homogenate, homologate, horripilate, humiliate, hydrolysate, hypothecate, illuminate, illuviate, impenetrate, impersonate, impignorate, impropriate, inactivate, inaugurate, incarcerate, incinerate, incorporate, incriminate, indoctrinate, indurate, inebriate, inexpiate, infatuate, infuriate, ingeminate, ingenerate, ingratiate, ingurgitate, initiate, inoculate, inosculate, insalivate, inseminate, insinuate, instantiate, intarsiate, intenerate, intercalate, interestrate, interpolate, interrogate, intimidate, intoxicate, invaginate, invalidate, investigate, invigilate, invigorate, iodinate, irradiate, italianate, itinerate, koreagate, laciniate, lanceolate, legitimate, lenticulate, lineolate, lixiviate, luxuriate, machicolate, manipulate, matriculate, megagamete, meprobamate, methacrylate, methotrexate, miscalculate, misestimate, mispunctuate, multiplicate, myxomycete, necessitate, negotiate, nidificate, obcuneate, obliterate, officiate, orientate, originate, overexcite, overpersuade, oxygenate, pacificate, palatinate, paniculate, participate, peninsulate, perambulate, perchlorinate, peregrinate, periodate, permanganate, perpetuate, perseverate, petiolate, phosphorylate, pontificate, potentiate, precipitate, predesignate, predestinate, predominate, prefabricate, preindicate, premeditate, prenominate, preponderate, prevaricate, proboscidate, procrastinate, prognosticate, proliferate, propionate, propitiate, proportionate, prostomiate, protuberate, quadruplicate, reactivate, reallocate, recalcitrate, recalculate, recidivate, reciprocate, recirculate, recriminate, recuperate, redecorate, redintegrate, reduplicate, reeducate, reformulate, refrigerate, regenerate, regerminate, regurgitate, reintegrate, reiterate, rejuvenate, remunerate, renominate, repaginate, repatriate, repopulate, repudiate, resupinate, resuscitate, retaliate, reticulate, revaccinate, revegetate, reverberate, rodomontade, salicylate, schizomycete, scholasticate, somnambulate, sophisticate, stereobate, subirrigate, subordinate, substantiate, suffumigate, syllabicate, transliterate, triacetate, triangulate, tricuspidate, tridigitate, trimetrexate, unijugate, valleculate, variegate, vaticinate, vermiculate, vesiculate, videotape, vituperate, vociferate

5 syllables:

actinomycete, anisogamete, antimoniate, beneficiate, bifoliolate, catechumenate, circumambulate, circumnavigate, circumstantiate, contraindicate, coprecipitate, cryptobranchiate, decarboxylate, decontaminate, deoxygenate, deteriorate, diagnosticate, differentiate, dinoflagellate, disaffiliate, disambiguate, disarticulate, disassociate, discombobulate, dishabituate, disincorporate, disorientate, domiciliate, equiponderate, eusporangiate, excommunicate, hemoflagellate, illegitimate, incapacitate, indeciduate, individuate, infundibulate, intercorrelate, interdigitate, interlaminate, interlineate, intermediate, interosculate, interpenetrate, isocyanate, misappropriate, multicandidate, overcompensate, overestimate, overpopulate, petiolulate, polycarbonate, polysulfonate, pseudocoelomate, ratiocinate, recapitulate, reconsolidate, reevaluate, rehabilitate, reincorporate, reinvigorate, renegotiate, reorientate, rostrocarinate, sesquicarbonate, superannuate, supererogate, supersaturate, thioarsenate, transelementate, transilluminate, transubstantiate, trifoliolate, underestimate, uniflagellate, uninucleate

6 syllables:

basidiomycete, choanoflagellate, dedifferentiate, intercommunicate, lamellibranchiate, radioactivate, thioantimonate

7 syllables:

aluminosilicate, cyclohexylsulfamate

9 syllables:


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