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Words That Rhyme With "Bother" :

2 syllables:

author, blather, blether, blither, breather, brother, Cather, causer, codger, dither, dodger, either, father, feather, fother, gather, hawser, heather, hither, lather, leather, loather, lodger, Mather, mother, mouther, neither, nether, nother, other, pother, proverb, rather, Reuther, Rodger, roger, slather, slither, smoother, smother, souther, swither, teether, tether, thither, tither, tother, weather, wether, whether, whither, wither, zither

3 syllables:

another, aweather, birdfeather, foregather, forgather, regather, together, unfeather, upgather

4 syllables: