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Words that rhyme with "cant":

1 syllable:

ant, aunt, bandt, brandt, brant, chant, dant, fant, font, gant, gantt, grandt, grant, jandt, landt, lant, mandt, pant, plant, plante, pont, quant, sandt, sant, schrandt, shan't, slant, stant, tant, trant, want, yant, zant

2 syllables:

air plant, bean plant, beef plant, block grant, bog plant, bouffant, brisant, burn plant, chard plant, christ plant, courante, cress plant, detente, entente, gas plant, gum plant, ice plant, implant, land grant, lead plant, levant, marsh plant, mole plant, moth plant, pea plant, pie plant, pot plant, replant, rock plant, rouge plant, screen font, seed plant, shame plant, sheep plant, slave ant, snake plant, snow plant, steel plant, stone plant, sun plant, supplant, swamp plant, transplant, vansandt, vanzandt, wax plant, white ant, wood ant, yam plant

3 syllables:

action plant, agrement, ambulante, anise plant, army ant, bar-room plant, bedding plant, beefsteak plant, breast implant, broad-bean plant, bulbous plant, bulldog ant, cart-track plant, cartridge font, cary grant, chickpea plant, chimney plant, coca plant, compass plant, cormous plant, cotton plant, cowpea plant, cruel plant, desert plant, driver ant, duncan grant, field-pea plant, fire ant, fixed-width font, friendship plant, garden plant, heating plant, honey plant, humble plant, lens implant, lentil plant, leopard plant, lipstick plant, lobster plant, maiden aunt, modern font, money plant, monospaced font, nonchalant, okra plant, old style font, onion plant, oyster plant, packing plant, paper plant, pebble plant, pharaoh's ant, pitcher plant, poker plant, power plant, radish plant, raster font, rhubarb plant, roast beef plant, rubber plant, shell bean plant, shoeblack plant, slipper plant, soybean plant, spider plant, spinach plant, sundew plant, sweet corn plant, taro plant, tortoise plant, turnip plant, underplant, velvet ant, velvet plant, water plant, willy brandt, woody plant

4 syllables:

agony aunt, amazon ant, aquatic plant, artichoke plant, assembly plant, baptismal font, bodoni font, bottling plant, butter-bean plant, butterfly plant, carpenter ant, cast-iron plant, castor bean plant, castor-oil plant, century plant, chemical plant, chicory plant, chinese silk plant, common bean plant, composite plant, constant-width font, corneal transplant, dental implant, disposal plant, evergreen plant, flamingo plant, flowering plant, garden pea plant, head cabbage plant, herbaceous plant, hot water plant, icicle plant, indigo plant, ivory plant, ligneous plant, lima bean plant, little black ant, looking-glass plant, nonflowering plant, organ transplant, penile implant, pharaoh ant, pickaback plant, pigeon-pea plant, piggyback plant, pineapple plant, poisonous plant, president grant, pyramid plant, red-veined pie plant, rupestral plant, rupestrine plant, semaphore plant, sensitive plant, slave-making ant, sweet pepper plant, tabasco plant, telegraph plant, tobacco plant, tomato plant, tuberous plant, typewriter font, ulysses grant, umbrella plant, vascular plant, waterwheel plant, winter squash plant, witch hazel plant, wych hazel plant

5 syllables:

alliaceous plant, arborescent plant, artillery plant, autophytic plant, belladonna plant, caricature plant, carnivorous plant, chinese lantern plant, common pitcher plant, coriander plant, cruciferous plant, cultivated plant, deciduous plant, electrical plant, epiphytic plant, golden honey plant, graminaceous plant, gramineous plant, gregorian chant, hooded pitcher plant, hydrophytic plant, industrial plant, iridaceous plant, kangaroo-foot plant, legionary ant, leguminous plant, liliaceous plant, lithophytic plant, madia oil plant, mesophytic plant, monocarpic plant, monocarpous plant, mother-in-law plant, non-flowering plant, nonvascular plant, obedience plant, obedient plant, orchidaceous plant, parasitic plant, poison arrow plant, proportional font, purple velvet plant, queensland grass-cloth plant, recycling plant, resurrection plant, royal velvet plant, rupicolous plant, rutabaga plant, sanguinary ant, saxicolous plant, spanish oyster plant, stone mimicry plant, sweet unicorn plant, tapioca plant, ulysses s. grant, water chestnut plant, wild sensitive plant, xerophilous plant, xerophytic plant, yellow pitcher plant

6 syllables:

australian pitcher plant, capsicum pepper plant, common unicorn plant, duncan james corrow grant, hiram ulysses grant, india-rubber plant, manufacturing plant, mexican fire plant, mistletoe rubber plant, rocky mountain bee plant, rubiaceous plant, sewage disposal plant, tropical pitcher plant, ulysses simpson grant, umbelliferous plant

7 syllables:

california pitcher plant, caryophyllaceous plant, monofocal lens implant, multifocal lens implant

8 syllables:

accommodating lens implant, interocular lens implant

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