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Words That Rhyme With "Laconic" :

2 syllables:

chronic, chthonic, clonic, conic, monic, phonic, sonic, tonic

3 syllables:

adonic, agonic, aphonic, atonic, azonic, benthonic, boronic, Bourbonic, Brythonic, bubonic, Byronic, canonic, carbonic, Charonic, cinchonic, colonic, cyclonic, daltonic, demonic, draconic, dysgonic, dysphonic, dystonic, geonic, gnathonic, gnomonic, harmonic, hedonic, hormonic, iconic, ironic, ketonic, lactonic, leptonic, Masonic, mesonic, micronic, Miltonic, mnemonic, moronic, opsonic, ozonic, parsonic, personic, planktonic, platonic, plutonic, protonic, pulmonic, pythonic, sardonic, Saxonic, siphonic, Slavonic, solonic, stolonic, subsonic, subtonic, symphonic, synchronic, tectonic, Teutonic, transonic, transsonic, typhonic, tyronic, umbonic, zirconic

4 syllables:

acetonic, allophonic, anachronic, anharmonic, anhedonic, aniconic, antiphonic, apophonic, autochthonic, cacophonic, catatonic, chalcedonic, cinnamonic, cosmogonic, electronic, embryonic, endergonic, enharmonic, exergonic, freemasonic, geoponic, glottogonic, gramophonic, halcyonic, hegemonic, homophonic, Housatonic, hydroponic, hypersonic, hypertonic, hypotonic, infrasonic, inharmonic, isogonic, isotonic, macaronic, megaphonic, monophonic, myoclonic, nucleonic, parisonic, pentatonic, pharaonic, philharmonic, polyconic, polyphonic, saxophonic, schizogonic, Solomonic, subharmonic, supersonic, supertonic, telephonic, theogonic, ultrasonic, vasotonic

5 syllables:

amphictyonic, aniseikonic, anticyclonic, architectonic, cerebrotonic, chameleonic, dodecaphonic, electrophonic, electrotonic, geotectonic, heterogonic, isoceraunic, membranophonic, Napoleonic, Neoplatonic, somatotonic, stereophonic, viscerotonic

6 syllables:

extraembryonic, proparoxytonic