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Words That Rhyme With "Nudger" :

2 syllables:

ager, agger, badger, blunger, Bridger, brother, buzzard, buzzer, cadger, cager, clutcher, codger, Coger, cover, crutcher, dodger, dredger, Dutcher, edger, gauger, glover, gouger, hedger, hover, ledger, Leger, lodger, lover, major, mother, other, pager, pledger, plover, plunger, Rodger, roger, shover, smother, souther, spadger, sponger, stager, sucher, tother, toucher, trudger, wager, yager

3 syllables:

abridger, besieger, discover, obliger, procedure, recover, uncover, upstager

4 syllables:

rediscover, supersedure, undercover