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Words That Rhyme With "Of" :

1 syllable:

bluff, buff, calve, chiv, chough, chuff, cuff, dove, duff, fluff, give, glove, gloved, gruff, guff, halve, have, hough, huff, Liv, love, loved, luff, mauve, muff, pluff, puff, rough, Ruf, ruff, salve, sauve, scruff, scuff, sheave, shiv, shove, shoved, sieve, Slav, slough, sluff, snuff, sough, spiv, stuff, suave, tough, tuff, vav

2 syllables:

above, beloved, crossruff, enough, forgive, foxglove, hereof, misgive, outbluff, outlive, rebuff, relive, ringdove, thereof, truelove, unlive, unloved, whereof

3 syllables:

ladylove, overlive, turtledove, unbeloved