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Words That Rhyme With "Sniffer" :

2 syllables:

bluffer, briefer, buffer, Buser, chafer, chaffer, chauffer, chauffeur, cipher, cither, cithern, clifford, clivers, coffer, cypher, differ, disher, ditcher, doffer, drifter, duffer, fifer, Fischer, fisher, fissure, flivver, fluffier, gaffer, gauffer, giver, gofer, goffer, gopher, grifter, heifer, Hofer, hoofer, Kaffir, kafir, kisser, Laffer, liefer, lifer, lifter, litharge, liver, loafer, offer, Ophir, pilfer, pitcher, proffer, puffer, quiver, reefer, richer, river, roofer, rougher, safer, shifter, shiver, shofar, shophar, sifter, sliver, sofar, sopher, staffer, stiffer, stitcher, strafer, stuffer, suffer, swifter, swisher, switcher, titfer, tougher, troffer, twitcher, twofer, wafer, whiffler, wisher, Witcher, woofer, zaffer, zephyr, zithern

3 syllables:

aquiver, decipher, deliver, downriver, encipher, forgiver, piaffer, reliefer, reoffer, uplifter, upriver

4 syllables:

redeliver, undelivered