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Words That Rhyme With "Spanking" :

2 syllables:

anting, backing, banging, banking, Banting, blacking, blanking, blinking, camping, chanting, chunking, clamping, clanging, clanking, clinking, clunking, cracking, cramping, cranking, crankpin, damping, drinking, flanking, flunking, franking, franklin, ganging, granting, hacking, hangin', hanging, honking, jacking, junking, lacking, lakin, lambkin, lamping, linking, makin, mangin, Nanking, planking, planting, plunking, racking, ramping, Rankin, ranking, rankling, ranting, reinking, sacking, shrinking, sinking, skinking, slacking, slanting, smacking, snacking, stacking, stamping, stinking, tacking, tamping, tanghin, tanking, thanking, thinking, tracking, tramping, trunking, whacking, winking, wracking, yanking

3 syllables:

attacking, debunking, decanting, Dilantin, enchanting, haranguing, implanting, nonbanking, outflanking, recanting, replanting, rethinking, revamping, shellacking, spelunking, supplanting, transplanting, unblinking, unshrinking, unthinking, unwinking

4 syllables:

adamantine, disenchanting, interlinking, Macrodantin

5 syllables: