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Words That Rhyme With "Straits" :

1 syllable:

ates, baits, bates, cates, crates, date's, dates, eight's, eights, fates, fetes, Frates, gates, grates, great's, greats, hates, kate's, kates, lates, mates, pates, plaits, plates, rate's, rates, sates, scates, skates, slates, spates, state's, states, straights, Tate's, traits, Waite's, waites, waits, weights, yates, Yeats

2 syllables:

abates, awaits, coates, conflates, creates, debate's, debates, dictates, elates, equates, estate's, estates, hametz, inflates, Kuwait's, misstates, narrates, negates, postdates, predates, relates, restates, sedates, translates, updates

3 syllables:

annotates, conjugates, desecrates, interstate's, overrates, procreates

4 syllables: