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Words That Rhyme With "Striking" :

2 syllables:

aching, backing, baking, balking, biding, biking, biting, blacking, blocking, booking, bucking, caulking, chalking, checking, chiding, chitin, choking, chucking, citing, clicking, cloaking, clocking, clucking, cocking, coking, cooking, cycling, decking, docking, ducking, duking, eking, faking, fightin', fighting, flaking, flicking, fliting, flocking, flyting, fucking, gawking, gliding, guiding, hacking, hawking, hiding, hiking, hocking, hooking, hyping, jacking, joking, kicking, kiting, knocking, lacking, leaking, licking, lighting, liking, locking, looking, lucking, making, mocking, mucking, necking, packing, peaking, pecking, peeking, picking, piping, plucking, poking, puking, quaking, sacking, seeking, shaking, shocking, shucking, siding, sighting, siting, slacking, sliding, slighting, smacking, smocking, smoking, snacking, snaking, sneaking, sniping, soaking, socking, speaking, spiking, squawking, squeaking, stacking, staking, stalking, sticking, stocking, stoking, sucking, swiping, tacking, taking, talking, ticking, tiding, tucking, tweaking, typing, Viking, waking, walking, whacking, whiting, wicking, wiping

3 syllables:

abiding, attacking, benighting, colliding, confiding, critiquing, deciding, delighting, deriding, disliking, dividing, evoking, exciting, forsaking, hitchhiking, igniting, imbibing, inciting, indicting, inviting, invoking, mistaking, nonbiting, nonsmoking, presiding, providing, provoking, rebuking, reciting, recycling, remaking, residing, restocking, retaking, revoking, rewriting, shellacking, subsiding, undocking, uniting, unlocking, unpacking

4 syllables:

antismoking, coinciding, overcooking, reigniting, reuniting, unexciting, uninviting

5 syllables: