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Words That Rhyme With "Trappings" :

2 syllables:

backing, batting, blacking, cabins, capping, Chaplin's, chatting, clapping, clippings, dabbing, flapping, flatting, gabbing, hacking, jabbing, jacking, lacking, lakins, lapins, lapping, Latins, mapping, matins, matting, nabbing, napkins, napping, packing, patting, sacking, saplings, sapping, satins, shopping's, slacking, slapping, smacking, snacking, snapping, stabbings, stacking, tabbing, tacking, tapings, tapping, tatting, toppings, typings, whacking, zapping

3 syllables:

attacking, combating, combatting, kidnappings, recapping, shellacking, unpacking