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Words That Rhyme With "Walkers" :

2 syllables:

acker's, acres, augers, augurs, backers, bakers, balker, baulker, bickers, bikers, blockers, blotter, bonkers, bookers, boppers, boxcars, boxers, breakers, brokers, calker, caulker, chalker, checkers, chocker, choppers, clockers, clogger, Clopper, cocker, conquers, cookers, coppers, cottar, cotter, crackers, Crocker, cropper, daughters, decker's, dockers, doctors, dogger, dotter, droppers, fakers, Faulkner's, flickers, flogger, fuckers, gawkers, hackers, hawkers, hikers, hocker, hogger, hookers, hoppers, hotter, jobbers, joggers, jokers, jotter, kickers, knickers, knocker, knotter, lakers, lawter, leakers, liquors, lockers, loggers, lookers, loppers, lotter, makers, mauger, maugre, mocker, mopper, Oscars, ottar, otters, packers, paupers, pickers, pikers, plotters, poppers, potters, proctors, proper, propper, rackers, rakers, rickers, robbers, rockers, rotter, sauger, seekers, shakers, shocker, shoppers, slackers, slaughters, slickers, slogger, slotter, smokers, sneakers, snickers, soccer, speakers, spotters, stalkers, stickers, stocker, stoppers, strikers, suckers, takers, talkers, Topor, toppers, totter, trackers, trotter, truckers, tucker's, vicars

3 syllables:

attackers, dispauper, garrotter, improper, marauders, nonsmokers, sleepwalkers, unstopper

4 syllables:

knickerbockers, motherfuckers