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Words That Rhyme With "Withhold" :

1 syllable:

bold, bowled, cold, doled, fold, gold, hold, holed, mold, mould, old, polled, rolled, scold, scrolled, sold, soled, strolled, Szold, told, tolled, wold

2 syllables:

acold, ahold, behold, cajoled, consoled, controlled, degold, enfold, enrolled, extolled, foretold, fourfold, infold, outsold, paroled, patrolled, remold, resold, twofold, unfold, unmold, unpolled, unsold, untold, upfold, uphold

3 syllables:

decontrolled, extrabold, interfold, manyfold, overbold, oversold, uncontrolled, undersold