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Words that nearly rhyme with "about":

1 syllable:

beaut, beit, bhoot, bhut, bight, bite, blight, bloat, boat, boot, bought, bout, bowed, bright, brite, brought, browed, bruit, brut, brute, butte, byte, caught, chute, cite, cloot, cloud, clyte, coat, compt, coot, cote, count, cowed, crowd, cute, daoud, dight, doat, dote, doud, doup, dowd, dwight, faught, feit, fight, fite, flight, flite, float, flute, fluyt, flyte, foot, foote, fought, fount, fraught, fright, frowst, fruit, gaut, gloat, goat, goude, goutte, gowd, groat, haught, haut, height, heit, hiett, hight, hite, hoot, houde, hyte, joust, jute, kight, kite, knight, krait, kyte, laut, light, lite, loot, lot, lote, loud, lute, maute, might, mite, moat, moot, mote, mount, mute, naught, newt, night, nite, note, nowed, nowt, oat, ought, oust, plaut, plight, ploughed, plowed, proud, put, quite, quote, reit, right, rite, root, rote, rought, route, scheidt, scoot, scute, shoat, shoot, shote, shroud, sight, site, skite, sleight, slight, sloat, sloot, slote, sluit, smite, smote, snoot, soot, sought, sowed, spight, spite, sprite, spruit, stoat, stoit, streit, strite, stroud, suit, taught, taut, thought, throat, tight, toot, tote, traut, trite, twite, vaught, vote, vought, vowed, wat, white, whyte, wight, wite, wowed, wright, write, wrote, wrought, wyte, zeit

2 syllables:

abboud, accompt, account, acute, affright, afloat, afoot, alight, allowed, aloud, alright, amount, argute, aright, astute, attrite, avowed, ayotte, becloud, bedight, blackout, blowout, bobwhite, breakout, breechclout, brownout, cadotte, cahoot, callout, capote, checkout, cheroot, chuppoth, cleanout, clevite, closeout, commute, compute, confute, connote, contrite, cookout, cornute, cutout, delight, demote, demount, denote, depute, despite, devote, dickhaut, dilute, discount, dishclout, dismount, dispute, disroot, distraught, downspout, drainspout, dropout, dugout, dunite, ebright, eelpout, elute, embrute, emote, endowed, enright, enroot, enshroud, enwright, evite, excite, fallout, forthright, galloot, galoot, garote, garrote, gemot, godbout, guillotte, handout, hangout, hideout, holdout, hornpout, ignite, imbrute, impute, incite, indict, indite, invite, kashruth, knockout, lafite, lamotte, layout, lezotte, lizotte, lockout, lookout, macknight, macleod, marcotte, marotte, mayotte, mccloud, mccright, mcknight, mcleod, mcloud, mcnaught, mcright, mcwhite, mcwright, miscount, misproud, misquote, miswrite, munite, nasute, nonsuit, nonwhite, oathout, onsite, outfight, outright, outroot, outshoot, outvote, outwrite, payout, phaseout, picotte, pilotte, pitchout, polite, pollute, printout, promote, pronounced, pullout, pursuit, rainout, readout, reboot, recite, recount, recruit, refloat, refute, remote, remount, repute, requite, rewrite, rideout, ridout, rollout, rubout, runout, salute, sellout, shakeout, shutout, sicotte, skintight, snapout, stakeout, standout, stickout, strikeout, surmount, swarthout, tagout, takeout, teachout, tonight, topflight, transmute, tryout, tubesnout, turcotte, turnout, unboot, unbowed, unite, unquote, unroot, unshroud, unsight, upright, uproot, uptight, volute, walkout, washout, watchout, wiltrout, windtight, wipeout, workout

3 syllables:

armantrout, armentrout, counterlight, disallowed, disavowed, disrepute, disunite, eastabout, entrecote, featherlight, gadabout, hereabout, hereabouts, impolite, involute, knockabout, layabout, overbought, overcloud, overcrowd, overnight, overnite, overshoot, overwrite, overwrought, raceabout, reignite, reunite, rightabout, riunite, roundabout, roustabout, runabout, satterwhite, sauerkraut, subacute, thereabout, turnabout, underfoot, underquote, undershoot, underwrite, underwrote, unpolite, walkabout, waterspout, weathertight, westabout, whirlabout, yesternight

4 syllables:

endopodite, overexcite, rouseabout

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