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Words that nearly rhyme with "made":

1 syllable:

abe, ait, ate, aydt, babe, baig, bait, bate, bead, beede, begue, beit, bide, blamed, blate, bleed, bloyd, boyd, boyde, braird, brede, breed, bride, cabe, cate, cede, chait, chide, cloyd, clyde, craig, crate, crazed, creed, cried, date, dede, deed, died, diede, dried, dyed, eade, eid, eide, eight, eyed, failed, fait, famed, fate, fede, feed, feight, feigned, fete, fide, flaig, flied, floyd, frate, frede, freed, freid, freight, freud, fried, friede, gabe, gaede, gait, gate, glazed, glede, gleed, glide, gloyd, grabe, grained, grate, great, grede, greed, gride, guide, haet, hague, haig, haight, hait, hate, he'd, heed, heid, heide, hide, hyde, i'd, ide, kate, keyed, knabe, knead, kneed, labe, laib, late, lead, leed, leight, lide, lied, lloyd, loyd, lyde, mabe, maid, mailed, maned, mate, mayde, mead, meade, meed, nate, nead, need, nied, noyd, pained, pait, paled, paned, pate, peed, pied, plague, plait, plate, plead, plied, prate, pride, pried, pryde, rabe, raised, raitt, rate, read, rede, reed, reid, ride, ried, riede, royd, sate, scaled, scheid, schmied, schneid, schwede, screed, seed, seid, seide, she'd, shied, side, sighed, skate, skied, slate, slide, sloid, smead, snead, sneed, snide, spate, speed, speight, spied, sprague, staib, state, steed, straight, strained, strait, strate, streed, streight, stride, swede, syed, tait, taite, taitt, tate, tea'd, teed, thede, thiede, thrid, thwaite, tide, tied, tiede, toyed, trait, treed, tried, tweed, vague, veiled, vide, vied, void, wait, waite, waitt, waved, wayt, we'd, weed, weight, why'd, wide, wied, wrede

2 syllables:

abate, abide, ablate, accede, affreight, agreed, allied, amate, amazed, andrade, annoyed, ansaid, applied, arete, arride, ashamed, aside, astride, avoid, await, backdate, barmaid, baroid, bastide, belied, bemazed, berate, beside, bestride, betide, bondmaid, bridesmaid, charades, coate, cofide, collate, collide, complied, concede, confide, constrained, contained, create, deadweight, debate, decide, decreed, decried, defied, deflate, degreed, delate, denied, deployed, depraved, derate, deride, deseed, destroyed, detailed, devoid, dictate, dilate, dismayed, disrate, distraite, divide, downgrade, downplayed, elate, elide, employed, engrailed, engrained, enjoyed, equate, est, estate, exceed, excide, eyeshade, fainaigue, fellate, foredate, forenamed, gilead, hadid, hamid, handmade, handmaid, homemade, housemaid, impede, implead, implied, indeed, inflate, ingrained, inlaid, innate, inside, instate, irate, iwate, jereed, jerid, jerreed, joyride, kuwait, laclede, lampshade, lightweight, limeade, liquide, located, macbride, maciag, mandate, manmade, mcbride, mcbryde, mccabe, mccague, mccaig, mccreight, mcfate, mckaig, mcquaig, mctague, misdate, misdeed, misguide, mislead, mismate, misread, misstate, negate, niaid, nightshade, notate, obeid, oblate, offside, orate, ornate, outbreed, outdate, outride, outside, outwait, parlayed, postdate, precede, predate, preside, proceed, prorate, provide, pupate, rasheed, rashid, recede, reflate, regrate, relate, relayed, relied, remade, replied, reread, reseed, reside, restate, retried, saeed, sallade, secede, sedate, spectate, stampede, stateside, statewide, steroid, stravaig, subgrade, subside, succeed, sufflate, sumgait, supplied, surveyed, switchblade, tinplate, translate, twayblade, unclaimed, undrained, undyed, unfazed, unfeed, unfeigned, unframed, unmade, unnamed, unpaired, unpaved, unplait, unsaved, unshared, unshaved, unstained, unstate, unstrained, untamed, untied, untrained, untried, update, upgrade, upside, upstate, vacate, vahid, walid, waylaid, westside, worldwide

3 syllables:

accolade, acerate, adelaide, alidade, alongside, antecede, antitrade, antitrades, aquacade, autocade, balustrade, barricade, cablelaid, cavalcade, centigrade, chambermaid, coincide, countertrade, dairymaid, disagreed, discreate, disinflate, enfilade, escapade, europewide, everglade, fusillade, gatorade, gingerade, guaranteed, imbricate, increate, interbreed, intercede, intergrade, interplead, interstade, interstate, intrastate, kitchenaid, kitchenmaid, melamed, melammed, misapplied, mistranslate, multistate, nationwide, overate, overfeed, overjoyed, overlaid, overrate, override, overstride, overweight, parlormaid, phylloclade, pilastered, pinnigrade, plantigrade, procreate, rattlebrained, recreate, redeployed, redivide, reinstate, renegade, retranslate, retrocede, retrograde, ricocheted, rubbermaid, saltigrade, separate, subdivide, supersede, taligrade, tardigrade, telerate, unallied, unalloyed, unashamed, unconstrained, uncreate, uncurtailed, undeclared, undenied, underfeed, underrate, understate, underweight, undismayed, unemployed, unexplained, uninflamed, unordained, unprepared, unproclaimed, unreclaimed, unrestrained, unsupplied, unsustained, ventilate

4 syllables:

digitigrade, interrelate, laterigrade, nurserymaid, oversupplied, peyrelevade, trifluoride, unascertained, underemployed

6 syllables:


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