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Words that nearly rhyme with "miss":

1 syllable:

bess, besse, bisch, bish, bisk, bisque, bitts, biz, bless, blintz, blintze, blish, blitz, bress, bresse, brisk, buis, cease, cess, ches, chess, chinse, chintz, cist, crease, creese, cress, crisp, cuish, cyst, czyz, didst, disc, disch, dish, disk, dress, esse, fess, fils, fisc, fisch, fish, fist, fix, fixed, fixt, fizz, fleece, fress, frisch, frisk, fritz, friz, frizz, geese, gess, gish, gist, glimpse, glisk, glitz, grease, gress, grilse, grist, grits, guess, hess, hesse, heth, his, hist, is, isch, ish, its, jess, kess, kisch, kish, kist, kless, klish, kness, knish, kress, kresse, krisch, kriz, lease, les, less, lish, lisp, list, lists, liz, mess, midst, mince, mis, misch, mish, mist, mix, mixed, mixt, ms, ms., ness, niece, nix, peace, pesce, phiz, piece, pless, press, presse, prince, pyx, quince, quits, quiz, ress, rinse, risch, rish, risk, ritz, says, schist, schiz, since, six, sixte, spitz, spritz, squish, squiz, stress, strix, swish, tess, thrips, tisch, tish, tres, tress, trish, tryst, twist, vess, wes, whish, whisk, whist, whiz, whizz, wince, wisch, wish, wisp, wist, wisz, wiz, wrist, xyst, ye'se, yes

2 syllables:

address, admix, affix, aggress, agist, alist, amidst, amiss, apiece, assess, assist, betwixt, caprice, caress, cassis, cerise, chamise, commix, compress, comtesse, confess, congress, consist, convince, coulisse, decease, decrease, degrease, delist, demisch, demist, depress, desist, digress, dismiss, distress, duchesse, duress, eclipse, egress, ellesse, ellipse, encyst, enlist, entwist, etess, evince, excess, exist, express, finesse, fluoresce, immix, impress, increase, infix, insist, intwist, jesse, l'express, ladish, largess, largesse, lyness, mcclish, mclish, mcnish, metis, metisse, noblesse, obese, oppress, outguess, pelisse, perlis, persist, police, possess, precess, prefix, premix, prestress, profess, progress, recess, redress, regress, reitzes, release, remiss, repress, resist, senesce, shultz's, simplesse, siris, submiss, subsist, success, suppress, transfix, transgress, undress, unfix, unfixed, unless, unmixed, untwist, unwish, us, valise, vs

3 syllables:

acquiesce, alongships, chandeliers, coalesce, coexist, convalesce, decompress, defervesce, deliquesce, dispossess, effervesce, effloresce, ers, evanesce, incandesce, ins, intermix, intertwist, intumesce, inverness, las, luminesce, misaddress, nonetheless, obsolesce, opalesce, overdress, overfish, phosphoresce, politesse, predecease, preexist, prepossess, prerelease, readdress, reassess, recalesce, recrudesce, repossess, sultaness, unconvinced, underdress, unisys, unisys', unsuccess, vicomtesse, ws

4 syllables:

adss, cmos, hces, kjos, manageress, nevertheless, rejuvenesce, tcas

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