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Words that nearly rhyme with "tanned":

1 syllable:

ant, aunt, bend, bind, blend, blind, blond, blonde, bond, boned, bound, brant, bund, cant, chant, crabbed, crowned, damned, end, feigned, fend, fiend, find, fjeld, fond, found, friend, frond, fund, grained, grant, grind, ground, gummed, held, hind, hound, jagged, kind, leaned, learned, lend, maned, maund, meld, mend, mind, monde, mound, pained, pant, plant, pond, pound, quant, rind, round, sant, scant, send, shelled, skinned, slant, sound, spend, stand, stoned, strained, tend, trend, wand, weld, wend, wind, world, wound

2 syllables:

abound, aground, amend, append, around, ascend, astound, attend, backhand, bandstand, beckstrand, befriend, behind, bergland, bergstrand, beyond, combined, commend, concerned, confined, confirmed, confound, constrained, contained, contend, cropland, crossland, defend, depend, descend, designed, expend, expound, extend, farmhand, farmland, finland, flatland, forehand, freehand, grandstand, grassland, greenland, headband, heartland, homeland, impound, inbound, inclined, ingrained, inland, intend, lapland, levant, longhand, lybrand, mainland, mankind, midland, moorland, myhand, newfound, newsstand, northland, offend, outland, parkland, portend, pretend, profound, queensland, quicksand, rebound, recant, redound, refined, refund, remind, renowned, replant, rescind, resigned, respond, rhineland, rotund, sealand, shorthand, southland, sundstrand, supplant, surround, suspend, transcend, transplant, unbound, unearned, unkind, unlined, unsigned, unsound, untrained, unturned, unwind, upheld, wasteland, wetland, withstand, woodland

3 syllables:

ampersand, apprehend, beforehand, businessland, comprehend, contraband, correspond, disinclined, disneyland, dixieland, fairyland, fatherland, ferdinand, firebrand, hellenbrand, hildebrand, hillenbrand, hinterland, mitterrand, motherland, musicland, overland, recommend, reprimand, secondhand, unconcerned, unconfined, unconfirmed, unconstrained, undefined, undermanned, understand, unexplained, unrefined, unrestrained, wonderland

4 syllables:

computerland, misunderstand

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