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Add Rhyming Dictionary To Your Website

Rhyme Desk provides an easy way to add rhyming dictionary to your website or blog. Just include following code in your HTML:

Here is a demonstration of result you will get:

Enter a word in the search box above.

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You are free to change code that is provided above to modify layout and content of visual elements. Our only request is that you keep the back-link to Rhyme Desk.

Usage of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Rhyme results are displayed as a regular HTML tags, so you can use inline style attributes as well as external CSS files to control visual output of results. Here is a sample of page modified with custom style sheet.

Additional Configuration

There are a couple of variables you can use to configure display of results:

Here is a sample of JavaScript code you can add to your HTML to change display of results:


Your comments and suggestions for improvement of this tool are most welcome!