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Words related to "give":

1 syllable:

act, aid, air, be, bend, bounce, break, breathe, buoyance, cause, cave, cease, cede, chance, chime, chuck, clothe, come, deal, deed, dole, dose, fail, feed, fetch, fill, find, force, fund, gift, go, grant, hand, hap, heap, help, keep, lead, leak, lend, lip, lot, make, mete, move, pass, pay, phrase, place, play, pose, pour, prompt, put, quit, rain, raise, read, say, sell, send, serve, share, sing, slack, slip, snap, snow, sound, sponge, spring, state, stock, stop, store, stretch, strike, swap, tell, throw, tone, trade, turn, vend, vent, voice, word, yield

2 syllables:

accord, afford, allot, allow, announce, apply, ascribe, assign, assist, attach, award, barter, befall, bequeath, bestow, betide, betray, broadcast, buckle, chorus, collapse, commit, concede, confer, consign, convey, crumple, demise, despair, devote, direct, disburse, discharge, disclose, dispense, disperse, dispose, divide, divulge, donate, emit, endow, enfeoff, entrust, equal, excess, exchange, exhale, expend, expose, express, extend, exude, forgo, forsake, freeload, furnish, impart, impute, induce, inflict, invest, issue, lavish, leeway, maintain, market, offer, outlay, over, perform, persuade, phonate, prepare, present, produce, proffer, pronounce, provide, publish, rebound, recite, recruit, refer, reject, relax, release, relent, render, renounce, report, resign, reveal, settle, shower, signal, slacken, submit, supply, support, tender, tonus, transfer, transmit, unbend, utter, weaken, whisper

3 syllables:

abandon, alien, alienate, allocate, amortize, apportion, attribute, bounciness, buoyancy, contribute, dedicate, deliver, distribute, formulate, introduce, limberness, litheness, liveliness, occasion, pliancy, relinquish, replenish, sacrifice, springiness, stretchiness, subsidize, suppleness, surrender, tensileness, uncover, ventilate, verbalize, vocalize, vouchsafe

4 syllables:

accommodate, administer, appropriate, articulate, capitulate, communicate, disseminate, ductility, enunciate, facility, fictility, flexility, flexuousness, negotiate, plasticity, resilience, resiliency, responsiveness, sensitiveness, sequacity, submissiveness, tensility, tonicity, tractility, willowiness

5 syllables:

abalienate, bendability, ductibility, elasticity, flexibility, formativeness, moldability, pliability, receptiveness, sensibility, stretchability, tractability

6 syllables:

adaptability, agreeability, amenability, extendibility, extensibility, malleability, susceptibility

7 syllables:


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