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Synonyms For "Line" :

1 syllable:

air, blood, coat, cord, course, crease, draw, edge, field, flex, job, lead, link, note, pad, race, rope, route, row, seam, stance, stock, strain, streak, string, stripe, stroke, thread, trace, track, tune, twine

2 syllables:

approach, bank line, billet, blood line, bloodline, border, business, cable, channel, column, contour, contrast, cover, crinkle, descent, describe, frontier, furrow, interest, limit, line up, method, outline, phone line, pipeline, profile, rail line, stemma, wire, wrinkle

3 syllables:

agate line, ancestry, area, argument, attitude, boundary, business line, connection, credit line, family, line of work, lineage, melody, origin, parentage, pedigree, policy, position, procession, product line, railway line, reinforce, run along, short letter, silhouette, specialty

4 syllables:

assembly line, delineate, demarcation, dividing line, line of credit, line of descent, melodic line, melodic phrase, occupation, production line, specialism, subscriber line, telephone line

5 syllables:

argumentation, ideology, specialization