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Synonyms For "Straight" :

1 syllable:

blunt, flat, frank, neat, plump, pure, right, square, stretch, true, uncurved

2 syllables:

aligned, arranged, at once, candid, correct, direct, erect, even, forthright, guileless, honest, in line, level, open, running, shipshape, tidy, trabeate, truthful, unbent, unbowed, uncoiled, uncurled, unpermed, up front, upright

3 syllables:

aboveboard, accurate, directly, in a row, in order, instantly, length of track, orderly, organized, orthodox, right away, set to rights, sorted out, straight away, straight person, straightarrow, straightaway, straightforward, successive, tidied up, transparent, trustworthy, uncurving, untwisted, vertical

4 syllables:

consecutive, conservative, continuous, conventional, horizontal, respectable, trabeated, traditional, undiluted, without delay

5 syllables:

immediately, perpendicular, uninterrupted

6 syllables:

heterosexual, unadulterated