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Synonyms For "Tell" :

1 syllable:

ask, blab, charge, hint, judge, know, say, show, snitch, state, warn

2 syllables:

advise, alert, assure, caution, command, convey, declare, decode, deduce, direct, discern, disclose, divulge, enjoin, expose, gossip, impart, inform, instruct, let know, narrate, order, pass on, recite, recount, relate, report, request, reveal, say to, secern, tattle, tell on

3 syllables:

acquaint with, ascertain, chronicle, decipher, discover, distinguish, enlighten, evidence, notify, recognize, secernate, separate, spill the beans, take its toll, tell apart, uncover, william tell

4 syllables:

discriminate, have an effect, identify, reveal itself, severalise, severalize

5 syllables: