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Words that rhyme with "head":

1 syllable:

bed, bled, bread, bred, dead, dread, dred, ed, fed, fled, fread, fred, freda, ged, gedd, gled, jed, ked, lead, led, med, ned, nedd, pled, read, reade, red, redd, said, schwed, sffed, shed, shedd, shred, sled, sledd, sped, spread, stead, swed, szwed, ted, thread, tread, wed, wedd, wehde, zed

2 syllables:

abed, bespread, bestead, bested, black bread, black lead, brain dead, break bread, brick red, brown bread, bunk bed, camp bed, cheese spread, chrome red, clip lead, coed, creek bed, dark bread, dark red, date bread, day bed, deep red, delead, dispread, disspread, dog sled, drop dead, embed, french bread, fry bread, hard lead, homebred, imbed, inbred, instead, lake bed, light bread, linebred, lowbred, misled, nut bread, ore bed, outspread, pig bed, pig lead, premed, purebred, quick bread, red lead, retread, rose bed, rye bread, sayed, screw thread, see red, sheep ked, sleigh bed, spoon bread, stop dead, tea bread, test bed, truck bed, twin bed, unbed, unfed, unread, unsaid, unshed, unthread, untread, unwed, white bread, white lead, widespread

3 syllables:

baby bed, baby's bed, batter bread, built in bed, built-in bed, center spread, centre spread, cherry red, congo red, cracked-wheat bread, cuckoo bread, date-nut bread, dika bread, divan bed, double bed, feather bed, filter bed, flower bed, garlic bread, gluten bread, go to bed, golden thread, graham bread, in the lead, infrared, interbed, interbred, jumper lead, kaffir bread, lisle thread, living dead, loaf of bread, marriage bed, monkey bread, murphy bed, onion bread, orange red, overspread, oxblood red, oyster bed, pencil lead, pilot bread, platform bed, pocket bread, purplish red, railroad bed, raisin bread, repair shed, seeing red, single bed, skillet bread, sofa bed, sounding lead, sour bread, sourdough bread, thoroughbred, truckle bed, trundle bed, tulip bed, turkey red, turnip bed, twice-baked bread, ultrared, underbred, underfed, water bed, whole meal bread, whole wheat bread

4 syllables:

banana bread, boston brown bread, cinnamon bread, hang by a thread, hospital bed, hottentot bread, hottentot's bread, indian red, italian bread, jewish rye bread, marital bed, procrustean bed, rhode island red, salt-rising bread, seminole bread, skillet corn bread, sugar of lead, swedish rye bread, unleavened bread, venetian red

5 syllables:

alizarin red, alizarine red, alveolar bed, anadama bread, asparagus bed, bacteria bed, capillary bed, caraway seed bread, caterpillar tread, irish soda bread, office of the dead, tetraethyl lead

6 syllables:

antimonial lead

7 syllables:

feast of the unleavened bread

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