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Words That Rhyme With "Kids" :

1 syllable:

ades, aides, aids, beads, beds, bibs, bids, biggs, bigs, bits, bitts, blades, bleeds, blitz, bloods, braids, breads, breeds, brits, britts, buds, cedes, chits, creeds, cribs, deeds, dibs, digs, dreads, dribs, duds, ed's, Edds, fades, fayed's, feds, feeds, figs, fits, floods, Fred's, freed's, frits, fritz, Gibbs, gigs, glades, glitz, grades, grids, grits, heads, heeds, Higgs, hits, hud's, its, jades, jigs, knits, Kyd's, leads, Leeds, lids, lits, maids, meads, Medes, mitts, muds, needs, nibs, pigs, pits, Pitts, pleads, quits, raids, reads, reds, reeds, Reid's, ribes, ribs, rids, rigs, ritz, Schmidt's, schnitz, seeds, shades, sheds, shreds, sids, sits, skids, sleds, slits, spades, speeds, spits, spitz, splits, spreads, spritz, spuds, steeds, studs, suds, suedes, swedes, ted's, threads, trades, treads, twigs, wades, weeds, Whigs, wigs, wits, writs

2 syllables:

accedes, acquits, admits, befits, brigades, charades, commits, concedes, Conrades, crusades, degrades, downgrades, emits, evades, exceeds, eyelids, forbids, grandkids, grenades, imbeds, impedes, invades, Madrids, misdeeds, misleads, Moritz, omits, outbids, parades, permits, persuades, pervades, precedes, proceeds, purebreds, recedes, redheads, retreads, submits, succeeds, tirades, transmits, upgrades

3 syllables:

antitrades, biomed's, counterbids, palisades, promenades, supersedes, thoroughbreds