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Words that rhyme with "think":

1 syllable:

bink, blink, brink, chink, cinq, cinque, clink, dink, drink, finck, fincke, fink, finke, flink, frink, gink, hinck, hink, inc, ink, jink, kink, klinck, klink, klinke, krinke, linc, linck, link, linke, lynk, minc, mink, minke, pink, plink, rinck, rink, rinke, schinke, schlink, shrink, sink, skink, slink, smink, spink, stink, swink, sync, twink, vink, wink, zinc, zinck, zink, zinke

2 syllables:

chewink, clove pink, eye blink, fringed pink, fruit drink, grass pink, ground pink, hard drink, heat sink, hedge pink, ice rink, lip sync, marsh pink, mixed drink, moss pink, red ink, rock pink, rose pink, sea pink, soft drink, strong drink, unkink, unlink, wild pink

3 syllables:

button pink, catch a wink, cheddar pink, china pink, cottage pink, data link, drawing ink, fire pink, garden pink, interlink, kitchen sink, maiden pink, make a stink, marking ink, missing link, mountain skink, mullein pink, printer's ink, printing ink, purplish pink, rainbow pink, raise a stink, relay link, salmon pink, skating rink, tea-like drink, tickle pink, western skink, writing ink

4 syllables:

flowers of zinc, ice hockey rink, ice-hockey rink, ice-skating rink, india ink, indian pink, japanese pink, magenta pink, magnetic ink, radio link, yellowish pink

5 syllables:

alcoholic drink, american mink, indelible ink

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