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Words that nearly rhyme with "inbred":

1 syllable:

ad, add, bad, bade, bed, beg, beld, bend, bet, beth, bid, bleb, bled, blend, blende, blood, brad, bread, bred, bud, cad, chad, cheth, chid, clad, crud, cud, dad, dead, deb, debt, did, dread, dreg, dud, ebb, ed, egg, eld, end, fad, fed, fend, fet, fjeld, fled, flood, fremd, fret, friend, gad, geld, get, glad, gleg, grad, grid, had, head, heads, held, helmed, het, hid, id, jed, jet, keg, kid, lad, lead, led, leg, lend, let, lid, mad, med, meld, mend, met, mid, mud, neb, ned, nedd, net, pad, peg, pend, pet, plaid, pleb, pled, prad, quid, rad, red, redd, rend, ret, rid, rudd, sad, said, saidst, scad, scend, schwed, scud, send, set, sett, sffed, shad, shead, shed, shedd, shelled, shelved, shend, shred, skeg, skid, sled, sledd, slid, snapped, sped, spend, spread, spud, squeg, squid, stead, stet, stud, sudd, sweat, swed, szwed, tad, ted, tend, teth, thread, threat, thud, trad, tread, trend, tret, vend, vet, web, webbed, wed, wedd, wehde, weld, wend, wet, when'd, whet, yegg, yeld, yet, yett, yid, zed

2 syllables:

abed, abet, ahead, ailette, airhead, alette, amend, amends, amid, append, ascend, asshead, attend, aubade, baguette, baldhead, ballett, banket, banquette, barbette, barquette, barrette, beachhead, bedad, bedspread, bedstead, beebread, befriend, begad, beget, beheld, beset, bespread, bestud, bighead, billhead, blackhead, blanquette, blockhead, bloodshed, bluehead, bobsled, bolthead, bonehead, bowhead, boxhead, braguette, brayette, brevet, bridgehead, briquet, briquette, brochette, brunet, brunette, bulkhead, bullhead, burette, cadet, cadette, campshed, capette, cassette, cathead, celeb, charette, charrette, chevrette, childbed, cockshead, commend, contend, coquet, coquette, cornet, cornett, cornfed, corvet, corvette, couchette, cowshed, croisette, croquette, crosette, crossette, curet, curette, curvet, curvette, cuvette, dancette, deadhead, deathbed, deckhead, defend, depend, descend, dinette, disbud, diskette, dispend, dispread, disspread, distend, doorstead, duet, dumbhead, egad, egghead, embed, emend, expend, extend, farmstead, fathead, flatbread, flathead, flechette, fleurette, flinthead, flockbed, florette, forbade, forbid, forefend, foresaid, forfend, forget, fossette, fourchette, frisette, frizette, fumette, fustet, garnett, gazette, genette, gilthead, godet, goldthread, grisette, hardhead, hearthstead, highbred, hogshead, homebred, hophead, horsehead, hotbed, hothead, impend, indebt, inset, instead, intend, jughead, knighthead, layette, legged, lighthead, linebred, longhead, lorgnette, lowbred, lunette, lunkhead, manchette, maquette, masthead, meathead, misled, missend, misspend, mofette, moquette, motet, musette, navette, noisette, nonet, nonskid, nymphet, octet, offend, offset, outbid, outspend, packthread, paillette, palette, palmette, panhead, perpend, pierhead, pinhead, pipet, pipette, piquet, pithead, planchette, plaquette, pochette, portend, poussette, preset, pretend, propend, quartet, quartette, quintet, quintette, regret, resend, reset, retread, revet, rillette, roomette, rosette, roulette, saphead, sayed, seedbed, septet, sharecropper, sheephead, sheepshead, shorthead, showbread, sidehead, skinhead, snakehead, snowshed, sorehead, soubrette, spearhead, spinet, squarehead, squelette, stairhead, stephead, subhead, sublet, subtend, suedette, suspend, sweetbread, swellhead, thickhead, thickset, thornhead, tidehead, tilthead, toilette, tonette, toolshed, towhead, transcend, trevette, umbrette, unbend, unclad, unkenned, unmet, unpeg, unread, unset, unthread, untread, unwed, upend, upheld, upset, vedette, vidette, vignette, warhead, wellhead, whitbread, widespread, wingspread, woodshed, woolshed, yclad

3 syllables:

abbeystead, aforesaid, aiguillette, aliped, anisette, apprehend, ariette, arrowhead, balconet, ballonet, banneret, barrelhead, bassinet, beaverette, beetlehead, billethead, blubberhead, bobbinet, bonnethead, briolette, bufflehead, bullethead, cabbagehead, canzonet, caponette, cassolette, castanet, cellaret, cheliped, chemisette, chesterbed, chucklehead, cigarette, cirriped, clarinet, coextend, collaret, colonette, comprehend, condescend, consolette, copperhead, corselet, courgette, curlyhead, discommend, dosseret, dragonet, dunderhead, echelette, epaulette, estafette, eyalet, farmerette, featherhead, featurette, fiddlehead, figurehead, flannelette, fountainhead, gingerbread, girouette, gossipred, gypsyhead, hammerhead, heavyset, infrared, interblend, ironclad, jerkinhead, kitchenette, knucklehead, landaulet, launderette, lazaret, lazarette, leatherette, letterhead, loggerhead, lowlihead, luncheonette, maidenhead, maisonette, majorette, marquisette, mignonette, minaret, minuet, muddlehead, multiped, niggerhead, noodlehead, novelette, olivet, olivette, oubliette, outspread, overbid, overhead, overset, overspend, overspread, palmiped, pianette, pinniped, pirouette, poppethead, poppyhead, quadruped, reascend, recommend, reprehend, satinette, serinette, sermonette, serviette, sheveret, shovelhead, silhouette, sleepyhead, slugabed, soliped, statuette, stockinet, storiette, suffragette, superadd, superette, superhet, symphonette, taliped, thoroughbred, thunderhead, timberhead, toucanet, turrethead, turtlehead, ultrared, underbid, underbred, underlet, underspend, unexcelled, usherette, vilayet, vinaigrette, waggonette, wagonette, watershed, winceyette, woodenhead

4 syllables:

amourette, caravanette, clarionet, interdepend, marionette, maxilliped, misapprehend, overextend, pinnatiped, superintend, vinegarette

5 syllables:


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